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I managed to get my blocks done for my lovely bee mate Emily, using this tutorial. I think my 1/4" seam was a little off though because they are not perfect. I'm hoping it's not too obvious and Emily can live with them, if not I will make more!

I was getting a little annoyed trying to make them perfect and I'm trying not to get stressed out right now!

If you didn't know I'm a little bit hippy...

I get daily messages from 'The Universe' and on Monday I got this one:

Did you know, Lucy, that when you were born, so wee and little, we thought we might never, ever get over all the crying?!

Ours, not yours. 

So in love,
    The Universe

It just seemed so appropriate!!

and then yesterday...

No matter how great the desire is to please another, Lucy, let it be no greater than the desire to be yourself.

Otherwise ain't no one happy.

So pleased with you,
    The Universe

They come from www.tut.com - the motto is 'thoughts become things... choose the good ones' - I couldn't agree more! You can sign up to receive positive daily messages for free and you customise them too - it really is a fun way to remind you of all the greatness, inspiration and wonder all around us. I love them (especially when I'm in a bad mood!!). I have received them for many years and still read them all. 

The universe has been sending me huge blessings recently and I can't go into it here because there's not enough time and I'll get too emotional but my fabulous cousin in California just sent me a beautiful and thoughtful package to welcome baby Lois. 

She sent two fabulous Berenstain books, which me and the kids adore! Some gorgeous baby fabrics... I'm thinking a little quilt and a dress? And for the two bigger ones, these gloves - they love them so much I had to wrestle with them not to wear them to bed!! Fred wore his into the classroom this morning so he could show them off to his friends and teachers :)

Yesterday I also got a lovely package from my friend Nicky. She had already tackled the feathers because we are in two bees together and here are the latest four!!! I love them!

Nicky's photo - shamelessly nicked from Flickr!

She also sent a cute card, lovely scraps and some MUCH needed sugar (the kids are not having them when mummy really needs that boost!!). Thank you Nicky :)

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