I was doing so well yesterday - got lots of housework done and even basted my Blogger's BOM quilt in the afternoon... by 5pm I was losing my mind and the sleep deprivation totally caught up to me. I went a bit mental and then I was asleep by 8pm. God only knows what I'd do without my husband - he's pure angel!

So I might find some time at some point to get this baby quilted. It isn't basted too well but that's what happens when you're rushing to do it with a baby asleep and 'help' from a cute 3 yr old girl!

I know some of you will tell me I'm crazy for even thinking about sewing but honestly it felt SO good to make some progress and sewing is my 'me' thing. Being a mum always comes first but being 'Lucy' is important too!

I made these Japanese x + o blocks for Sue,  our first queen in the Simply Solids Bee, before Lois was born... now just need to get to the post office!

Over the past couple of weeks more feather blocks have been floating in from my lovely bee mates...

 top row: Janet and Di
bottom row: Collette and... I don't know!!! I've totally lost track!! Shout out if this is yours!! May (so sorry!! - thanks Helen!!)

They are all gorgeous, thank you ladies and forgive me for not keeping up!

I also received this AWESOME bundle of vintage sheet FQs - huge thanks to Mary for organising it all and doing the hard work! Check out her blog and I'd highly recommend joining in if she ever runs another one ;)

Lastly check out my girl with her totally natural (and I can't stop it!!) amazing mohican hair do. I'd literally have to put gel on it to stop it from sticking up!! It has a mind of it's own ;) Super cute though!

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