Actually I do know it's February and it's my husband's birthday today... Happy Birthday to the love of my life!

To confuse things though I have finished 'January' from my Woodland Sampler...

I added an extra eyelash to the deer because she looked a bit angry!

I got a pack of thread but some were substitutes and the letters look very pale on the aida, I may backstitch round them or something when it's all done if I still don't think it stands out enough. I am loving doing it and have made a start on Februrary.

Here's the bit where I ask for you help...

My Nanny made this granny blanket for Lois - me and the other two kids each have one of our own as well. It is very pretty and my Nan put the red and green one in as a rose for Lois :)

She has pointed out that her work isn't as perfect as normal, well she's 94 and I think she's amazing to have even made it. She has said I should put some fabric to back it so that it stands up to little one. I'm thinking of using this thin (sort of muslin?) fabric so the blanket isn't too warm.

So my question is how do I do it?? I'm thinking hem the sides of the fabric and then maybe tie the squares onto the fabric at the corners of each granny and stitch round the edges. I'm pretty certain I can't put it anywhere near the sewing machine and so I'll have to hand do it. Any suggestions? Anyone done anything like this before? HELP please :)

oh and I don't get lots of time so I need something relatively easy and quick!

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