This post is full of adorable baby cuteness, love and mushiness!!

I never intended to put so many baby pictures up but I had to share these ones because I finally captured Lois's gorgeous smile. Lois is a cutie and melts my heart, since today is all about love I hope these make you smile too...

yes I rock this hair!

mum I am definitely too big for this moses basket now!

Not only is it Valentine's day but my husband and I celebrate our wedding anniversary on Saturday too.  We have been married for six years, this anniversary is sugar according to UK tradition so I will be baking this weekend! I really wouldn't be who I am right now without him and his amazing support. I am utterly in love and still can't help smiling and feeling all gooey when I even think about him, and when he kisses me forget it!! I love you so much Mark, thank you for being so incredible. I appreciate everything you do for me and our family.

On Monday (he was a bit eager!) I got these:

A spectacular bunch of flowers in my favourite colour!

He ordered them from our friend who runs a local florist. If you are in the UK you must visit her website The Flower Lounge and see the beautiful bouquets. She even has reminders you can set up to send flowers on important dates, so if anyone forgot valentines (or any other important date) pass on the link to the site!!

Hope you all have a LOVEly day and, as well as cards, get lots of hugs!

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