Pink Chalk Studio are having a link about 'where I sew'

Pink Chalk Studio

 so I thought I'd join in...

I sew in the corner of our dining room. It's a tiny space that's blocks the door from the hall but we have an open plan living/dining room so we can still get in the room!

I don't have a sewing room of my own, or really enough space to manage all the crap sewing supplies that I amass, hence all the boxes next to and under the desk. The desk was a great find on gumtree and it extends as well, although that can't happen in my little corner!

I'm surrounded by beautiful makes from blogging friends (see if you can spot something you've made!) and I love the hanging organiser made by Emily, now next to my small "design wall" - ha!

And yes I know it's a mess but I've got so many projects on the go... here's some of what I've been doing:

working on the next rose star block

mmm... any guesses?! ;)

Next up I've finished the ET phone home block cushion front! Thanks for all the encouragement and suggestions regarding my mistake... thankfully it's all been for the best and I really, really love it now!

I hand quilting using Anchor perle 8, a pale green around the triangles:

and a cream in the border:

I'll get more pictures once I've finished the cushion. I look forward to getting this done, it's likely to be one of my favourites and I'm going to call it 'ET turn up the volume!'

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