**Panic over! A HUGE thank you to everyone that commented and those who could help! I have the bits I need. What a wonderful community this is :) **

I need some scraps of DS...

I decided to finish that sad 1/2 block of the retro flowers this afternoon and looked through the pile of petals I had cut and realised I had done it wrong and not cut enough of some prints (and have no more!!).

Please, please, PLEASE can anyone help me remedy my error or it's going to look a scrappy mess!!

I'm making this from DS fabrics that were given to me from friends abroad and fingers crossed either they or someone else may have the little bits I need.

I'm happy to send you charms of any fabric I have in return - including a bit of FMF or anything else you like!! If you don't want fabric I will pay the postage and a reasonable amount for the fabric you send me. I really don't want to have to trawl the internet or pay for a large piece when I only need a small amount.

I need four 5" charms of both of these fabrics:

And three 5" charms of this fabric:

If you can help me I would be so grateful and you can feel proud that you've stopped a pregnant woman crying in despair (yes I can start a pity party!!)