no, not just to fabric! But foundation paper piecing. I am going to blame Lynne and Mandy because I can ;)

I actually don't think I can stop myself, I'm even dreaming about it!

After completing the Postcards from Paris, I've started another of Lynne's patterns - the ET phone home block (go and look at hers, it's fabulous!).

Now I've seen a lot of blog talk of low volume quilts recently, well I guess this would be high volume?!!

I didn't intend it to be quite so jumbled, I thought the prints (all School Days by American Jane Patterns, Sandy Klop for Moda) had more contrast. I kind of like the hidden pattern, although I do sort of feel like I've made an awful mess.

I was so bored of using solids for backgrounds I thought I'd try something different.
Yeah 'different' it is!! Maybe I won't be quite so bold next time!!

I shall chalk this down to experience, keep going with it because I do kind of love it anyway, make it a cushion and then move on.

What do you do when you make a 'mistake'?

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