Recently I had to put out a call for help because I needed some DS fabric, I was so surprised and grateful that so many of you offered to help - Ta!

Well this week I got just what I needed.

The lovely Jamie Lee sent me these (actually that orange one is possibly my absolute favourite DS fabric - I just adore it).

Thank you so much Jamie Lee - I can now have complete petals in my retro flowers!

Deborah also came to the rescue. I can't even write how much I love this lady, she'll blush too much and I may cry. Anyway, she sent a bunch of lovelies with the purple DS I needed:

I hadn't seen the California Girl in real life but my gosh it is so beautiful! Huge thank you Deborah! :)

I also received this brilliant perfume atomiser, which I won in a giveaway at Machen und Tun. Claudia sent it in this adorable bag! How very cool is her logo?!

Finally I got a surprise gift from the very talented Helen and Archie (ok I'm not sure how much sewing input Archie actually had but he sure is great at posing for pics!!)

This thread catcher is so pretty and will be incredibly useful - especially since I'm working on some embroidery at the moment and those little threads get everywhere!

I really love the little tag she put on it - tiny fairy writing, love it! Thank you so very much Helen. You made my day :)

For those of you thinking 'happy post' wasn't referring to mail but some other happiness, sorry!

Although I have to say the sun shining round here has been a nice change and we've been spending most of our day outside.

Can't think of anything happier than playing 'float or sink' stuff from the garden with two eager kiddos :)

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