Ok there's not actually a disco but there's loads of panic!!

I've not packed ONE thing for the Fat Quarterly Retreat and I'm getting on a train to the big smoke tomorrow... help.

Actually the best solution is probably to get off the computer and go and pack everything I can find into the smallest case possible... first I want to quickly show you two amazing things I got in the post this week.

Today I went to the sorting office and picked up my beautiful name tag from Sarah (who had sensibly and kindly sent it next day delivery at the beginning of the week but I was out and I couldn't collect it until today!).

I adore it!! It's so pretty, the hexies are awesome and the stitching is beautiful. So neat!

She also sent a very nice card, some lovely charms and really cute stickers! I love the little maps and text on the stickers and that bunny fabric is so gorgeous. Thank you so much Sarah I love it all :)

She has seriously made me super happy, I've been feeling so anxious I was debating whether to come at all but I can't not come now!!

My other joy this week came from the genius that is Allegory, I am seriously so in love with this girl - she's hilarious, makes truly awesome things and she was super kind enough to send me a version of her amazing Pacman wall hanging!! 

It is not at all wobbly or crooked I just took a picture after opening it from its travels and the kids hugging it furiously!!

Everyone in my house loves it and we had to youtube footage of the original game to show the kids (they loved it anyway but a bit of retro education never hurt anyone!!)

This is currently a finalist in the Bloggers' Quilt Festival (the wall hanging category) so you should go and vote for it now... quick!!! (there's also many other brilliant quilts in the other categories you should vote for too!)

Ok I'm going to go do what needs done and pack my **** up!!

Have a great weekend and if you're going to FQR see you Saturday, I'm the one wearing the cute hexie charms name tag!! :)

Lucy x