Wednesday already?! **Warning this post contains swear words**

I didn't link up last week because of all the ill but we're all doing so much better and here's what I managed to do while sitting round the house over the past few days!


- Rug. I finished up the kitchen rug I made using the Scramble Net piecing tutorial. The thing is I couldn't risk Hadley never talking to me, and it's just so pretty... so it's not going in the kitchen!! It's safely (??) in my son's bedroom.

This was the first time I used spray basting and I'm not that convinced, although I didn't see Judith's tutorial until later!! So I'll try again using that but for now I'm sticking with pins.

- Four pouches. I made these as parting gifts for some ladies whose group I'll no longer be part of (not sewing related). It was time to move on but hopefully they'll enjoy using these.

I was thrilled to discover that I had thread to match all of the different coloured zips so they all had nice coordinating top stitching!

And as a reminder not to take life too seriously or get stressed, here's the labels I included inside:

Now the swearing is out of the way, I also got some little makes done for the kids...

- Two tote bags. I followed this ridiculously easy tutorial to whip these up for the kids to carry around their favourite toys:

- Following on from all our silly cardboard creations, I thought they deserved something a little more robust. We're loving superheroes right now so I made these reversible capes. The boy has Superman and Batman, the girl has Superman(girl?!) and Wonderwoman:

I used this tutorial, I did make hers a little shorter because I was worried she might get herself caught up in it!! They love them. He even wore his when we went to Chester Zoo this weekend!

Don't worry they don't actually have child eating dinosaurs, there's just the best exhibition of robotic dinosaurs. It is really cool!

- Hexie Pin Cushion. I just adore this!!!

It is totally hand sewn but came together so much faster than you'd imagine. It's a great little storage basket too, so handy!

I used my precious DS scraps again from Deborah and Susan, thank you ladies :) I will think of your kindness each time I stick a pin in it!

There was a need for another pin cushion because I kept spilling pins out of my beautiful tray, well my sewing desk is a total mess still so it's not surprising. I used this tutorial, which is fabulous!


- Stained QAL, the top's all done and this baby is basted, ready to quilt!!
My camera died and I'm charging the battery on my husband's. The late nights phone pics are not even worth showing so you'll have to wait until I'm done, sorry!

- Fat Quarterly Retreat swaps - I've got two more little stitchings to do and then some hand sewing. Here's some hexies ready for the tea towels:

I should get these done fairly quickly so hopefully I can show them finished very soon :)

no progress

- Retro Flowers, not even done cutting, I completely give up trying to actually quilt a long!

- Rose Star blocks, I feel sad this is still stalled

completed: 5 (technically 10 items!!)
new: 0
in progress: 4

If you haven't seen it yet the FUGLY FABRIC PARTY is in full swing!! I really should come up with a different name though because there's no fugly in sight! Just plenty of yummy fabric offerings.
The point is to pass on fabric to someone who'll love it and it would be great if you could dig deep and link up a post... I really want to see some horrors in there!! ;)

Check it out and go visit all the fab peeps sharing the (not so) Fugly! And keep checking back, the fabric is literally flying away!

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