SUPER DUPER awesomeness! I had several nice things happen to me today; a visit from mum, another visit from a best friend and her gorgeous son, general merriment and then...

I WON! I actually won some really pretty appliques from Barb over at Bejeweled Quilts, they were cut with the Fall Medley Die using her Accuquilt. I'm so excited and am not sure yet what I'll make with them but I'll show you when I do. My kids are obsessed with nature and my kitchen could do with some prettying up  - any ideas?

To top it off I got a little package in the post too! I even love the stamps:

I didn't win Melinda's giveaway of her (so called) ugly block but she was super kind and sent me some scraps anyway. I'm going to make a purple and turquoise/aqua quilt so these are just perfect!

Thank you so much Melinda, there is something winging its way back to you :)
Check out her great blog quirky granola girl!

I'm linking up with Rebecca's Thursday Think Tank, so...

I have been thinking a lot about how I use my space and what I want it to be. I've kind of hidden it in the corner and tried to keep everything tidied away - until you all kindly gave me some suggestions!
I'm now quilting loud and proud and have a little design area (calling it a design wall would be going too far, it's so small!!). Big enough to hold a couple of blocks though:

It looks nice next to our house rules. They are important to me but may need to move!!

I've also taken some advice about my daughter's quilt and have made a drastic decision... I have CUT IT IN HALF! It makes so much sense. She's only one, it's massive, what was I thinking??!! This way I can donate the other 'half' to our local children's centre, who are raising money for their sensory room. A great space for babies and children with special needs. My two love this room and it would be sad if they couldn't make the improvements it needs. I actually spoke to them a month ago about doing this and can't believe it's taken me so long but I'm sure they'll still appreciate it! It also saves me debating what quilt to make!

So here's one half ready to be quilted:

And A Boy Named Sue is ready to go:

It will be quilting a go go for me, with 2 (smaller) quilts to bind!

I have linked up with the 'Summer sewing wrap up' over at Fairy Face Designs, I actually put my very first blog post on the linky list because that was my summary of what I'd made in the summer. Check it out and add your Summer goodies!