My son started at nursery school this week so I've been mostly sewing name tags on everything and trying to stop myself from completely crumbling at the thought of my baby growing up. I didn't think I'd get quite so emotional but it is a huge change and I'm not sure I'm doing that well with it. He, on the other hand, has been brilliant and loves his school! So I'm being brave, drying my eyes and soldiering on.

(See Lucy leading the way!!)

I finished my UGLY Blogger's BOM. Not sure yet if I might make another one or just leave it as is. I still have so much to learn.

So on to my WIP. I need to make a back and binding for my daughter's quilt. I'm going to use some or all of this:

I'm no further along with the blocks for my son's quilt either. All the excitement of school has left me just too tired to sew. Sometimes my emotions leave me more tired than physical activity. Not sure why.

I've made some progress on my secret quilt but man it is hard work. I've made so many mistakes it's untrue. More on that soon!

I think this week my WIP has mostly been family and me dealing with change (can you tell I'm no good at that!). I'm determined to get some focus back though and crack on with the sewing - fantastical husband has agreed to put the kids to bed so I'll have a bit more time :)

I'd love if you would tell me what things make your sewing suffer? And if you have any bright ideas how to stay focused please share...
(I'm not at all suggesting we don't put families first, I just mean focus when you have the opportunity to have sewing time!!)