I haven't been doing any sewing over the past couple of days and this post is more personal than I generally intend but it was special and I wanted to write about someone so important to me...

This weekend my husband kindly agreed to look after the children so I could go and spend the night at my Nan's house (great-grandmother to our children!). 

First came the sad bit. We had to arrange the headstone for my Grandad's grave, a sad task but it brought up many memories and we spent lots of our time together talking about him. It will be the anniversary of his death next month. Hard for us all.
The nice bit was the laughter. So many of the tales were funny ones and my Nan recalled one conversation she had with him that left her in a fit of giggles. We always end up smiling when we think about him, even through our tears.

We spent that evening watching crime drama on the TV - commenting on the outfits in Poiret was a highlight :)

We had a delicious lunch out with my Nan's wonderful niece and her lovely husband on Sunday and she always enjoys having family around her. She also LOVES dessert!!
Finally I was able to take some pears and apples home with me from their gardens - the kids were thrilled - there's nothing better, according to my son, than Nanny's apples :)

For me there's nothing better than spending time with such an amazing woman for whom I have such love and respect, and I cherish all of my Nan's words of wisdom. She has great strength, which along with her life and marriage provide me with constant joy, comfort and example. 

Here's a picture of the quilt I gave her at her house:

She had laid it out to look at it and show it to more of our family! This isn't where it will live, it's really a lap quilt and I hope she'll wrap herself up in it as it gets colder.

I so wish you could smell the beautiful rose she cut for me from her garden!
Hope you had a lovely weekend too :)