Sunday, 7 August 2016

Geeky Flying Geese Bag!

I am absolutely thrilled with my new Flying Geese Bucket Bag! I joined the #giucygiucebucketbagsewalong hosted by @giucy_giuce, for his fun and simple tutorial click here.

My original plan was to use up some of my selvedges but I was worried it would look a little messy and I really wanted a cool bag I would actually use. I have a clutch bag that I've taken out a few times but I have never made such a big or practical bag before. 

I realised I had the perfect fabric to fit in the paper pieced flying geese, the brilliant Geekly Glasses in off white, Geekly Chic by Dorothy Tsang - which lovely Esther recently sent me. I paired it with Metallic Essex Yarn Dyed in black, which has the most stunning gold sparkle! The brass eyelets add a little bling too and I had to use some Cotton + Steel for the binding. In the tutorial you turn the bag through and top stitch, but I was worried I wouldn't be able to do that neatly and having seen both Laura and Giuseppe use binding I really liked it!

I live in Manchester, UK and it tends to rain quite a lot so I decided to use this Torino polyester waterproof fabric for the lining, base and tabs. I hope it will make the bag stronger and keep my stuff dry! 

The bag is pretty massive and I was worried it would be too long on my short body but it actually looks great and is surprisingly comfortable to wear. I think using thick twisted rope helps.

So now I can pack it up, ready for the Festival of Quilts 2016 which I'm heading to on Thursday!

If you are there on the Thursday please come and say hello! I'm the one carrying the bag with the flying geese glasses!!

Big thanks to @giucy_giuce for the great tutorial and fun sew-along!


  1. You are going to look so freaking cool at the Festival of Quilts!

  2. Such a cool bag! I'm going to be at FOQ on Thursday, and will say hello if I spot you or your super awesome bag😃

  3. Wonderful bag. Love those flying geese glasses. You've done a great job and I'm sure you'll love it at the quilt fair.

  4. Great bag and if you are at the FOQ on Friday please come say hello to my team The Sew Sisters who will be competiting in the Make a Quilt in a day challenge. If I could recall the location I would tell you but....

  5. Lucy, you stepped outside the box and made a huge bag..that's so cool. I too love Essex Yarn Dyed Linen and have a bit in Indigo just waiting for that certain bag. Those spectacles are too funny! Glad to hear the bag fits your small frame.

  6. Awesome bag! Love all of your details!

  7. So beautiful bag and fun fabric glasses.Enjoy the festival.