Friday, 29 July 2016

useful and pretty

More See It All Pouches, pattern by Laura Zuckerkuss. I enjoyed making various sizes and using different zips and fabrics. I also used interfacing and different weights of thread.

These bags are so handy with so many possible uses, I use mine for holding blocks and hand sewing projects. 

I really love this one with the lace zip and the adorable animal print - Menagerie, Indian Summer by Sarah Watson.

For some of them I used the gold sparkle vinyl again, it's so pretty!

This pencil case was the result of me not concentrating and trimming the zip off a pouch - rendering it rather useless - instead of binning the zip I made a different size pouch. A happy accident!

These will be used as class samples for my autumn teaching schedule.

☑ Along with the teacher's gifts I made, I can check the See It All Pouches off my FAL list!

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  1. Am loving your pouches! My daughter would appreciate your happy mistake for her special colored pencils! I'll definitely check out the link to that pattern! ~karen

  2. These are so fun! They are definitely great ideas for teacher gifts, too!

  3. I've had these on my list for months! You've inspired me to "just do it"!! :D LOVE the sparkly vinyl. <3

  4. These are really neat - so glad you linked them up at TGIFF, as this would be a terrific solution for some art supplies that don't currently have good storage system yet!

  5. I haven't seen those pouches before, I will definitely check out the pattern, thank you for sharing. Yours look wonderful.

  6. How clever! So useful to see what is inside - they look brilliant! Best wishes Alison xx