Wednesday, 13 January 2016

bling and an organised iphone

I am probably about 10 years too late but have decided to inject a little bling into our lives. Pink, girly things bring me joy and I bought a very cheap iphone cover (I like the flip cases that actually stop my screen getting scratched when I chuck it in my bag). It had a random logo on it I didn't like so I picked it off and then needed something to cover the damage. I found Candy Crystal and ordered glittery bows!

Problem solved! I also ordered my girls some hair clips that I glued cute little lollies and bows to, it was a fun quick project and a nice way to make something unique!

I came across a useful blog post by Jones Design Company for organising your iphone. I was often overwhelmed seeing all those icons on my screen and scrolling through to find the one I needed - this makes everything more streamlined and my phone is less stressful to look at! 
I have been using it this way for a few days and I love it, I know where everything is, the files I rarely use are on the next screen rather than my home screen so it's even less cluttered. Love it!

Yesterday was my birthday, I had a lovely time with family and a nice chilled out day. I even managed to finish this block I was working on for my 1930's Farmer's Wife quilt. I will do a catch up post on my blocks soon!

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  1. cute, cute, cute! it's never too late for some more pink or bling to be added into your life. getting wiser in your advancing age, hmm. =) (its' not that advanced but it's moving along with another birthday, you know!) that photo you captured from your birthday is so pretty! i love it. again, i hope it was a great day for you.

  2. I need to check that blog post out! I have a quilt as my wallpaper and would love to see that more than all those apps! Happy, happy birthday Lucy!

  3. Happy Birthday! I love your bling and need to urgently check how to organise my phone. The next thing on my shopping list is definitely going to be a gluegun. There are so many lovely things you can make

  4. oh belated happy birthday. Im hunting for the post you wrote on epp and found id missed this