Thursday, 15 January 2015

keeping it simple ~ 2015 FAL Q1

I am concentrating more, doing what needs to be done to feel good and productive. Sticking to a cleaning routine (following Clean Mama's #clutterfree30) and generally trying to make my house feel like a nicer place to be. I think I am naturally optimistic but I do have to work hard at being positive and a clean, organised space really does make me feel so much better. Thankfulness is also something I am mindful of everyday and I decided I would like to have some inspiration to keep next to my bed. 

I live in a 1930s house and I like mixing up vintage and modern things when I can. So when I saw this free Thanksgiving printable with a sweet nest I decided to frame it and put it on the bedside table, after all that's a nice way to be all year round! I already had this Acrylic Photo Frame (I've had mine for at least 8/9 years I think, but they still sell them at Muji! I LOVE that shop) and I like how it looks. Pretty and simple.
- About to start reading these two books my lovely husband got me for Christmas, I had been hankering after The Woman I Wanted to Be and he was obviously paying attention :)  

It was a friend's birthday last week so I made a card using some washi tape (saw the idea somewhere but can't remember where!):

It's fun making easy cards like this and good to have them to hand. Not that I go to many parties but the kids seem to have at least one to go to every weekend!

I have a habit of being overly ambitious (not necessarily a bad thing) but with family, part-time work and general life stuff, I can't always do as much sewing as I would like! My FAL lists last year were unrealistic and I didn't even manage to link up with the last quarter, even though I think I did manage to finish a couple of things. So new year and a way more focused approach to everything. Listing all the things I'm working on tends to stress me out and there's no point listing three quilts I haven't even got basted and will probably be hand quilting because that's utter craziness (hopefully I can list them when it's time to quilt them and have a chance of getting them done)! 

Here is my simple list of what I would like to get done this quarter:

1. Baby quilt commission

2. Vintage Quilt commission - I didn't make it but I'm hand quilting it, which is a big job!

3. Le Challenge project - this has to be finished by 14th February. I'm excited to get started as I've never used fabric paint before (or not since I was a girl). I got this cream jersey fabric and the gold Dylon fabric paint from Minerva Crafts. This is going to be fun!

Le Challenge

Nat and I just announced the new theme over at the le challenge blog - so please head over there and follow us. We have a giveaway every month for one person that links up and this month's theme is easy peasy!

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  1. I really agree that keeping thing clean and tidy helps me a lot, too. I really like the message on your bedside table, and it looks like you have some good books to read. Good luck with your list. :)

  2. Sounds like you are a busy girl! Love that birthday card. Remember to show us how the fabric paint works out!

  3. Glad you've found some balance - it's amazing the difference it can make! Great projects you've got on the go.

  4. Great attitude. Life just gets too much sometimes, and being stress-free cannot be over-rated xxx

  5. Good luck with your list! You can do it! :)

  6. That seems realistic! Does the baby quilt involve stretch fabrics, I'm guessing from the photo that's it's outgrown baby garments? Good luck.

  7. Good luck!

    P.S. Yes, I feel better when the house is clean (it's usually tidy as Archie likes to concentrate on distributing his hair round the place rather than leaving things lying on the floor!) but I can't manage to keep on top of it as I find housework so tiring...

  8. I love those cleaning printable!! I feel like cleaning in this house is an uphill struggle at the moment! Nothing stays tidy for 2 minutes!!
    Love the look of those projects, can't wait to see your le challenge one!

  9. heading over to Le Challenge now. Lists are funny things, sometimes help us to feel focused and sometimes overwhelming.

  10. That's a lovely saying to live by, thank you for sharing it. And what beautiful quilts you are working on! Love those super easy birthday cards too, such a great idea.

  11. You are working on beautiful projects, this quarter. Good luck with finishing them all :)

  12. I love the 'Be thankful' reminder. We are working on not grumbling in our house - and I am probably the biggest culprit. Being thankful really helps!

  13. I'm with you on stressy lists. Small do-able chunks works best. My other half sends me silent messages about the guddle that is our house but I reckon he can tidy as well as I can (although i get the guilts #obvs). I agree that a tidier space is a happier space and that's what I need to work on. That and finally submitting something for le challenge :)