Thursday, 20 December 2012


Nothing like some fabulous post and friends to lift your spirits...

Recently the wonderful (talented, kind, funny and all round brilliant) Hadley so kindly sent me a little bundle of all I need to get on with some more hexies! She has a Sizzix so I'm hoping it didn't take her long and I have some papers and lovely fabrics to create some EPP. Thank you Hadley!

Then yesterday I got my secret santa gift from fellow Bee A Brit Stingy member Jan. I was literally chuffed to bits!! She was just so thoughtful and everything she sent was perfectly me, needed and hugely appreciated. The fabric basket is beautiful (on both sides) and she included a bunch of fab extras.

I was totally down yesterday and this was perfect timing to bring a smile to my face. I was squealing each time I opened one of her little packages (she had even bothered to wrap things up so nicely!). Thank you so much Jan.

Finally, as a big push to snap out of it, one of my best friends popped round today and she brought with her a special gift for me... not my christmas present, just one she wanted to give me because I'm pregnant. It was just what I needed, in more ways than one! Hopefully a nice bath and slather of lotion will help ease my dry skin :)

Thank you to all of you for cheering me up with your kind words recently, sorry for moaning but I'm keeping it real!

The only making going on here is the baby growing but I'm thinking I'd like to sit with some nice embroidery - part of a little pressie, so you'll find me on the couch after my bath!

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  1. It will soon be over my dear.
    Merry Christmas to you and yours

  2. Such lovely gifts to brighten your day and chase the blues away.

  3. My pleasure honey.
    And if that lot doesn't make you happy, then there is no hope for you, you grumpy cow! xxx

  4. Sorry to hear you've been down. Sending a big hug x

  5. Isn't it a little soon to be talking about big pushing!!

  6. I hope the bath and stitching lifted your spirits! Keep your eye on the 'prize'!

  7. Pressies are good for raising your spirits. Those last few weeks of pregnancy are tough so just go with the flow and remember you are allowed to moan! Di x

  8. Enjoy! I'm all for keeping it real - glad you're feeling a bit better x

  9. I'm glad you're more cheery. I love the birds and stars in you post below :)

  10. If you keep moaning I wonder what will turn up in your postbox next! Cynical me! Hehe!

    Lots of big hugs and thanks goodness you don't have to give birth in a stable!

  11. Gorgeous presents (thank goodness your Secret Santa parcel finally arrived!) -I hope you're feeling more cheerful...and that you get a huge pile of presents on Christmas morning to keep you smiling!

  12. Glad your spirits are raised! The third pregnancy is hard, I understand. Looking after 2 little ones, working, keeping house, it's all super tiring. Add to that I realised I was 31 when I was pregnant with my third, NOT 25 any more like I was with my first! There is no fourth child and there won't be, lol! I hope Christmas is easy on you, and everything goes well for you xx