Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Hot mess and Blogger's BOM

My friend shared this with me and I can't stop looking at it. I'm in love with everything about it!

So clever, beautiful and witty - very like my wonderful friend!

Here is my Blogger's BOM:

I actually think it's really ugly (because of my fabric choices) but I'm going to make it work somehow. And that's part of the process, right?! The good news is the block fits into my expanding file so I won't lose them over the course of a year. Clever me (or the people at Staples... whatever!).

It's such a shame that I made the block before these beauties arrived!

I got them in the fantastic sale at Prints to Polka Dots. There is a special section for fabric with 3/4 yard or less left. So I haven't got huge pieces but I'm really happy with the selection and I'll probably use some of these for the Blogger's BOM quilt. They have great service and I love the website! There are lots of deals to be had :) A lot of the things I've made are using fabric from Prints to Polka Dots, as well as The Fat Quarter Shop. Any spare pennies is spent online at those two shops!!

Finally I'm also linking up to the Hot Mess Craft Space at The Barefoot Seamstress.


This is my little hot mess sewing corner (clearly we don't use that door!):

It's not too inspiring is it?! Gonna have to work on this. Any ideas?


  1. Those fabrics are spectacular! You'll have fun with those! And I'd say your hot mess needs a bulletin board on that door, or maybe a little design wall on the other (which can be made by hanging up some batting or felt) But there is a lot of potential on that white wall!

  2. Gorg fabrics! Your corner is so tidy! Blank walls have so much potential. I agree with Kelly, a bulletin board on that door would be fun. Thanks so much for linking up :) Signed, your newest follower

  3. Just passing through and thought id say hello. Richard from Amish Stories.

  4. Hi thx for commenting on my blog! I love your blog too and shall be following from now on! have. had a look around and like what I see. x

  5. Ugh! Blogger! I write a comment and whoosh it disappears! UGH!!!

    Lucy, we are definitely kindred spirits I swear. My sewing room also has a door that is completely blocked, thank goodness it has two doors otherwise I wouldn't be able to get in or out! I'll have to take a photo to share with you!

    As for the BOM. I give you mad props for going forward and sticking with the block. I have revisited this block virtually a few times and cannot get inspired to make it...I just don't have the motivation to cut into anything to create it. I am bummed because I wanted to do this BOM! Maybe the block next month will push me forward? I can't wait to see how this turns out for you as well...

  6. I love that map!!