I'm continuing to work on my Merrow Croft quilt. I keep thinking I've not got far to go but hand sewing is a slow, slow process! I'm working on my last border of back basted, applique blocks.

It's such a satisfying process, if you've not tried back basting applique I recommend doing so. There are some good tutorials on YouTube to show you how.

Hand piecing and hand applique are definitely two of my favourite techniques. The simplicity of just using fabric and thread is so lovely.

Then some mending was required. My middle loves skateboarding, which plays havoc on fabric when you carry your board grip tape facing you!! So these jeans now had a hole and some rips on the seam caused by the friction of the board.

I was going to do a fabric patch but then she remembered we had these cute little cat patches. She chose the gold cat and I pulled out some perle cotton to match.

Tips for iron-on patches

If the fabric has a hole, use a piece of iron on stabiliser behind it. This helps give it something more to grip to and it feels better from the inside. 

Once ironed in place, I like to stitch around the edge with a ladder stitch to make it really secure. I try to catch just the edge of the patch and match my thread to the fabric of whatever I'm mending.

For the ripped seams I just sewed over them with the perle cotton to hopefully make it a bit more robust. It's kind of messy and scrappy looking, but she likes it!

Yes, I'm that lazy that I did a running stitch between sections that needed mending. It's a design detail, adding to the home repair vibe.


It would be terrible of me not to chronicle that in May this year, I was graced by the presence of my beautiful friend Hydee. She visited Manchester as part of a trip and we enjoyed a delicious meal and wonderful evening together, talking well into the night. Through the connection of quilting and blogging, I am truly blessed to have this friendship, her wisdom has had a huge impact on my life and that of my family.

If you haven't already, run and visit her inspiring blog Splish, Splash, Stash or visit her on instagram @hydeeannsews.

I've been here quietly stitching. I'm currently going through photos so I can share my makes in upcoming posts. There are a few abandoned blog posts hanging out in my drafts, things may get oddly out of sync but it'd be sad not to publish them.

It's taken me some time to get used to my (now not so) new position and I just needed a bit of a break and time to refocus. I'm doing an apprenticeship through work and I have lots to juggle, like many of you I'm sure. If you're reading this, thanks for sticking around!

More makes and quilts to follow...