neighbour X work in progress X cross stitch X Aurifloss

My current cross stitch project for the year is coming along well, there's been a little bit of unpicking but that is most often the result of late night stitching. The pattern is Love Thy Neighbour by Modern Folk Embroidery and I started stitching it as part of Jacob's Summer Stitch A Long. Summer may be nearly over but I am in no rush to finish. The original pattern is stitched in one colour but like my last finished cross stitch I enjoy making it my own and mixing it up.

I'm enjoying stitching this motif by motif, choosing the colours as I go. I didn't pick a full colour palette before starting and have added in colours when needed. The overall vibe is happy colours, a mix of bright and pastels, and despite the rainbow layout of floss below, the colour pairings/groupings for each motif are intentionally not too matchy matchy. I really like a bolder, more mismatched style. I keep thinking 60/70s, a happy hippy Clothkits look. 

top row #: 1103, 4020, 2530, 2425, 2435, 2220, 2150, 1135, 2606
bottom row #: 2880, 2888, 2860, 2835, 1148, 5006, 2805, 2815, 2021

Not shown above is the Very Dark Navy used for the text and focal frame, it is #2785. 
I really like how the dark pops but your eye is still drawn around the piece. Still a way to go but here is my progress so far - and please excuse the wrinkles but this is a work in progress and my iron only comes out when absolutely necessary...

Stitched on Opalescent 32ct Raw Belfast Linen by Zweigart and I use a Q-snap frame when stitching.

I chose to work this with Aurifloss when I began this project in April. Not only are the wooden spools adorable but they really are so much easier to use. I pull off the floss, cut an arms length, separate the strands - I'm using two strands for this project - and then wind the remaining strands around the spool. Always remembering which end I cut and winding that first so that the 'start' of the strand is always the one being pulled off the spool. No tangles, super easy to store (mine live in baskets) and the colour number is printed on a sticker on the bottom of the spool so no losing those paper labels you get on traditional skeins. Also it has a nice sheen, not shiny but natural and the colour range is fabulous.
In June it was announced that I would continue being an Aurifil Artisan and I am thrilled to be part of the 2020 Aurifil Artisan team. This project happens to be perfect for the August Artisan challenge, which is cross stitch/hand embroidery and although it's not a finish yet you may wish to follow me here on the blog or over on my instagram to watch it develop!

The motif I am working on right now has four colours, other than the main motif I'm trying to stick to 2-4 colours in each one. Orange and pink is my all time favourite combination and the green #2860 really sings - it's such a bright lovely green. I tend to lean more to mint or olive greens so this was a bit different for me but I am thrilled by it.

With all that is going on it can be hard some days, these bright colours do help cheer my soul and the message of this pattern "Love Thy Neighbour" rings so true. Be well friends.

Oh and if stitching interests you, check out my upcoming classes!