I have been wanting a new machine cover for a while. My previous handmade one didn't cover the sides, the room I sew in can get quite sunny and a full cover gives better protection and stops dust too. After seeing this free pattern for a Serger and Sewing Machine Cover by Closet Core Patterns, I went on the hunt for fabric. The print they used was gorgeous and canvas seemed like a good choice. Sew Hot had this Poolside by Cotton + Steel print so it jumped into my basket in a recent haul, along with some black velvet piping that I thought would compliment the print well.

There's a nice Miami Vice vibe to this print that makes me smile. A larger print works well for a cover and as my machine is pretty big it really does suit it. I have an Elna 680 sewing machine, which did come with a really nice cover but it's RED and that's not my colour at all - also I sew in our dining room and it just doesn't work with anything else in the room. In case any of you have the same, or a similarly sized machine, I've included my cutting dimensions for the cover further down in this post.

Working out the dimensions for the cover was the bit that took the longest! My machine is larger than a standard domestic sewing machine - if yours is standard size the pattern is even easier. The cover has piping detail, the only slightly tricky bit, but as I said I bought piping ready made and just eyeballed the seam allowance and used my zipper foot to sew it to the side pieces. The velvet piping adds a touch of glam and feels amazing - it's probably going to be a dust magnet over time but nothing a quick hoover or wash can't fix!

The pattern also has pockets, you can section these off or keep one big pocket. I chose to only add a pocket to one side and keep it big, adding two Kam snaps to stop it from gaping open. Originally I was going to keep the foot pedal in there but it makes it too bulky so I think instead it will be a good place to keep instructions or pattern pieces for current projects. The pocket is top stitched with lovely 28wt Aurifil in #2420, the thicker thread makes a nice visible line of stitching detail.

I did contemplate pattern matching the pocket but I didn't buy a lot of the fabric and, to be honest, I'm a bit lazy when it comes to stuff like that and figured that since the back of the cover is upside down anyway (because it's a directional print) it wouldn't bother me. 

Having said that, I did fussy cut the side pieces, so that the trees would be centred - because that would drive me crazy! I hope some of you will appreciate that logic!! 
I am really pleased with how it turned out, the curved edges are fairly neat (just the odd little pucker) and the piping makes it look sophisticated.

Other than the top stitching, I used Aurifil 50wt in #2000 for the whole project including the hem. I probably should have used the 28wt for that too but I forgot to swap threads and I'm not mad at it. 

And because quirky touches are fun, I appliqued a selvedge tag to one side as a reminder to enter 'Beast Mode' when sewing - to work hard and get projects done! 

This is a quick sew, the pattern is very easy to follow. Pattern pieces still freak me out but I did manage to work out the right size for my machine so I'm pretty proud. After printing out the pattern I realised I only needed the side panel - from the main pattern piece and the measurements of my machine I could work out what size pieces to cut for the main part and the pockets.

For reference I cut the main piece 20.5" x 31" and the pocket 20.5" x 10". I added 2" to the side panels by cutting along the pattern piece and inserting a 2" wide paper strip.

Get the Closet Case sewing machine cover free pattern HERE

My new cover looks great and it's encouraging me to whip it off and get sewing!! I mean really, look at that creative mess going on around it, so many projects to crack on with! 

Hope you get some sewing time in this weekend, have a good one :)