There are quite a few things I have made recently that haven't yet been documented here. As a note to myself and to share what I've made I do like to write about the process and will be trying to catch up with blog posts over the next few days. This is the first, the very adorable Wee Boxy Basket pattern by Laura Cunningham of Sweet Cinnamon Roses
Having made nearly all of Laura's patterns before, they are so cute and well written, I offered to pattern test this one before it was released. I didn't have the interfacing Laura suggested in the pattern so I made two versions. The mustard one using two layers of Vilene H250 interfacing and the cat one with fusible fleece, along with Pellon Shape Flex on the linings. Both worked out really well, just goes to show you can sometimes get away with substitutions!

Choosing one of my favourite Lucy Engels hand printed fabrics, teamed with some grey Cotton + Steel prints, this basket has a modern geometric vibe. Occasionally things get made with no purpose but this was made with the intention of holding my make up. Five years ago I made a different basket, which was nearing the end and looking a bit shabby after much use! But it has been nice reaching for products from a basket and starting my day looking at something I made.

The basket was sewn with Aurifil 50wt and top stitched with 28wt #2420 - my go to thread for the colour and the extra bit of texture.

After some ruthless makeup editing I managed to fit the essentials (and a few extra bits) in very nicely. Thanks to some lock down purchases and excellent sales, it has since changed again - I really am a makeup lover (past career too) and found some new products I am really happy with. I might share a beauty post one day.

Next is this very happy Cocoland Cats basket - the Kokka print that I have a bit left of, that only comes out for special occasions (like this and this and this). I knew seeing it on a basket would be a lot of fun. I paired it with Essex Linen metallic, the black with flecks of gold works nicely and lets the cat print pop.

This basket holds the Aurifloss for my current cross stitch project. Those scissors since broke (argh!) and were replaced by the little ones in this recent post. I also made a new case, which I will share soon.

These sweet cats make me seriously happy!

The structure of the Wee Boxy Basket works so well with the interfacings I used, this fusible fleece version is a bit squishier but I quite like that feeling and it still holds up perfectly.

One element of the design that I think is a bit different and adds interest, is the bottom / side panel can just be seen along the front edges. It acts like a frame for the main focus fabric and the result is very cool.

While they may be 'wee', these baskets are very handy and you can fit a fair bit inside. Very useful for sewing bit and bobs, stationery or whatever else needs corralling. 

If you would like to make your own, head over to Sweet Cinnamon Roses and check out Laura's shop -  see Laura's newest pattern for her Wee Billow Bag too... I will be sharing my version soon!