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━ 2021 ━

Join me for live Online Interactive Workshops! CraftyMonkies have created a wonderful, engaging platform for the crafting community. Using the Zoom website interface, you can craft along and learn wherever you are in the world. ​Having taken classes with other teachers I can tell you that it is really well produced and so accessible - in the live classes you can ask questions, interact and learn from the comfort of your own home.


You can find some of my previous classes available to watch on video from the CraftyMonkies online shop - click here to catch up!

More Walking Foot Quilting

Saturday 17th April 2021 - 4pm to 7pm (BST)
Walking Foot quilting is very straightforward (pun intended!) but you can also create more complex designs with lines, curves and templates. In this class you will learn how to build on simple patterns, explore various ways of marking / using a guide and even have a go at quilting your own designs. Lucy will lead you through each step to create samplers of different designs and achieve the confidence and understanding to tackle that common question, ‘how should I quilt this?’. 

What You Will Learn in this Online Interactive Workshop:

⬪ how to prepare and mark designs 
⬪ more advanced walking foot quilt patterns
⬪ explore all over quilting designs as well as individual/block designs
⬪ how to securely start and finish your stitching
⬪ tips for perfect stitches
⬪ as well as what to avoid!
⬪ build your own designs 
⬪ how to create visual interest and texture.


Sewing with Paper Fabric

Saturday 15th May 2021  - 10am-1pm (BST)

Also known as 'Vegan Leather', Paper Fabric is a fabulous, washable paper-based material that you can sew with! It has a look of leather, the feel of card and there are countless possibilities for creating projects. We will be making two types of bags - a string closure reusable gift bag and a small clutch - as well as a cord keeper for storing your cords / earphones and a handy wallet. I will show you how to prep, cut, sew and embellish paper fabric. Perfect for gift giving or to keep yourself organised; you’ll have a stash of cute makes by the end of this class! Suitable for beginners and experienced sewists alike.

 What You Will Learn in this Online Interactive Workshop:

⬪ How to prepare and handle paper fabric
⬪ What to avoid and tips for sewing
⬪ Create four projects
⬪ The many different ways you can decorate paper fabric to add unique touches
⬪ Explore various uses for paper fabric and ways to add it to other projects
⬪ Using every last bit!

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