Geo Diamond quilt block made with Art Gallery Fabrics by Charm About You

As I was going through my stash to make this block inspiration struck. Isn't it funny how memories and things can suddenly come to mind and influence you. This wasn't my original direction but I am so pleased with how this came together!

Geo Diamond quilt block made with Art Gallery Fabrics

The block is called Geo Diamond and designer Naomi Clarke has just launched the Geo Diamond English Paper Piecing Sewalong! Click the link to get all the details, parcels start shipping in March and there are lots of options available.

It's a 12" block, so a great size! There are loads of layout possibilities and it's even cooler to see it repeated. I really like sewing with larger pieces, not at all fiddly and the block was relatively quick to stitch. I always use Aurifil 50wt thread for English Paper Piecing.

Geo Diamond quilt block made with Art Gallery Fabrics

I chose a selection of Art Gallery Fabrics for my block and I was drawn to the leaf prints. I kept thinking about a leaded glass terrarium my parents had. It had lots of angles, some green glass and it always puzzled me growing up how the plants got in there?! Turns out on one side there was a 'pane' missing to allow access (or maybe it opened I don't quite remember!). I couldn't find the exact one but it was a larger version, similar to the image below.

So my Geo Diamond is an ode to that terrarium. I used the metallic feather print, from Decadence by Katarina Roccella, in the centre because it felt opulent and pretty. I envision large terrariums being in some magnificent Victorian property full of velvet and dark wood... probably completely historically inaccurate but that's my imagination!

Geo Diamond quilt block made with Art Gallery Fabrics

I like how the plants create a frame all around the block and I chose the fabrics to intentionally create a contrast of soft and bold. It has whimsy but also strength.

The two leaf prints I used are Lamina, Fusion Rainforest by A Collaboration of AGF Designers and Cadence Winds Oliva, Virtuosa by Bari J.

The three low volume prints I used, for the background and top of the triangle, let the 'terrarium' stand out and also give a sense of calm. I also like how modern they are, in contrast to what I see as a tradition from my childhood.

Those prints are Aerial Blush, Gathered by Bonnie Christine; Marked Sights, Craftbound by AGF Studio and Fair Peonies Traced, Decadence by Katarina Roccella.

Geo Diamond quilt block made with Art Gallery Fabrics

In the bottom corners I fussy cut houses from The Gingerbreads Fondant, Little Clementine by AGF Studio. It seemed perfect as the terrarium was in the living room of the house I grew up in! I plan on making another block, perhaps continuing the theme or with a different memory. I love the repeat these blocks create but I'm so pleased with this one I might end up making a pair of cushions and let the blocks stand alone.

If you'd like to create your own blocks - CLICK HERE to visit Naomi's site for all the information about the Geo Diamond sewalong!

*** I am having a giveaway for a two month subscription of the Geo Diamond block of the month - open internationally, ends 12th February 2019 - go to THIS POST to enter!

Geo Diamond quilt block made with Art Gallery Fabrics

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