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I like writing lists. I write them a lot, about all sorts of things! It's become essential for me, lists give me focus and direction. I'm joining Quilting Jetgirl for the #2019planningparty and in this post I am outlining a list of plans for 2019. I'm trying to stay realistic with a hint of optimism, bringing back some much loved projects and joyful sewing. This is what I want to do...


❶ Finish the six quilts I've started for myself and for family. These abandoned projects are all ones I'm desperate to make and I have listed them below.

❷ Blog at least twice a week. I should have more time to do more blogging in 2019 and to focus on writing, telling the stories of my makes and sharing what I learn.

❸ Release patterns - there are three patterns in various stages of progress and I have ideas for more. At the very least those 3 should get written up and published.

❹ Be consistent with sending a newsletter each month. This year it has really slipped but it's fun doing a behind the scenes, chatty newsletter. It's a nice overview of what's going on with me and readers have responded really well to my honest accounts. I have had great feedback and support from people and I appreciate those relationships.

❺ Continue to encourage and engage with the crafting community by co-hosting the Saturday Night Craft Along each week on instagram.

❻ Hand sewing projects should be worked on little and often. This is my self care and it's an important way for me to relax. I have a cross stitch project to start in 2019, so that can be picked up and put down between other projects. No pressure to finish anything in this category, it is just a nice way to banish anxiety and unwind.

Before I list the quilts, I will say in my defence (!) that these are all quilts that are really important to me and so I would never want to complete them in a rush. A couple of the quilts are completely or largely hand sewn, some include blocks from dear quilt bee mates and are being made for special recipients (my kids). Still I have had most of them on a 'to sew' list for years and they deserve to get finished!

• Green Tea and Sweet Beans Quilt
I am working on stitching my own appliqué border design, I think one border is finished but it's been a long time since I looked at it.

Green Tea and Sweet Beans quilt by Lucy Brennan, Charm About You

• 1930's Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt
This is tough, do I carry on making all the blocks, make just the ones I like or call it done with the blocks that I've completed already? I think I want to make more blocks, maybe if I haven't gone back to it by June / July then I rethink. I have background fabric already and a design plan for the blocks, they won't be laid out like this. I will be removing the daffodil  block following feedback when I asked you all about the balance of blocks ages ago. It might become the quilt label?! That also encourages my decision not to make all the blocks, just the ones I like that will fit with the ones I've already sewn and the layout I have in my head!

1930s Farmer's Wife quilt blocks handsewn

I would really like to make more progress and possibly finish both of these quilts. 

My priority though is clearing some space from my giant pile of unfinished / part made quilts. There are still three bee quilts to be made, going back a bit to when I was in Bee a Brit Stingy. 

• Concrete Jungle - hexagon / triangle quilt 
This needs two blocks making and piecing together. It shouldn't even take too long, so this might be the first quilt finish.

hexie quilt bee blocks

• Butterfly Quilt
And *hangs head in shame* this quilt for my daughter, which has been on every WIP / finish it / ufo list for the past 3 years or so. This picture is old, the blocks have been pieced since, it just needs backing fabric and quilting. 

butterfly quilt blocks

• Forest Quilt
This is a block I made in 2015, it's about 48" wide and was the start of a row on row quilt with my bee. I have all the blocks, they need a lay out, I might add section between the row or borders, I'm not sure yet. It will be a magnificent modern forest when it's done!

flying geese quilt blocks

• Spiderweb Quilt
Here is a section of a spiderweb quilt I started making for my Dad, I still have lots of blocks to make. I really like this one and am excited to work on it so I can give it to him. The fabrics capture his style and we have similar taste, I know he will love it!

spiderweb quilt blocks

Really I could keep listing projects but this year I don't want any pressure. I do want to get beautiful quilts made though and would like to have an accountability partner, which is another reason why I'm joining the planning party. Thank you for the party Yvonne! 

2019 Planning Party