I have had a little bit of a splurge, nothing crazy but there was fabric I really wanted and embroidery floss that is needed, along with a couple of other utility items for making. It's not all buying, though, as I recently used up scraps to make my first ever open wide pouch...

Sampler Threads by The Gentle Art from Lakeside Needlecraft

This thread is my second order from Lakeside Needlecraft, I adore the subtle tones of the gently over-dyed embroidery floss - Sampler Threads by The Gentle Art - and the colours are even prettier when stitched.

Sampler Threads by The Gentle Art from Lakeside Needlecraft

left to right: Chalk (x2), Mustard Seed, Celery, Cornhusk, Avocado, Apricot Blush, Peach Ice Cream, Coral Reef, Copper, Adobe, Nutmeg, Heirloom Gold, Tarnished Gold and Aged Pewter.

Sampler Threads by The Gentle Art from Lakeside Needlecraft

Sew Hot is my go to shop for interfacing, notions and "stuff I need". I decided to have a go at making myself a lunch bag, since I'm taking lunch to work everyday a cute handmade bag is necessary right?! (urm... excuse to make!!)
On the right below is Insul Shine - the other side is totally reflective metal that is hard to photograph but I'm hoping will work well to insulate my lunch! 

Pellon SF101 Shape-Flex is my favourite interfacing when I'm looking for something with shape but not too stiff, I've found many inferfacings wrinkle fabric or just make projects too cardboard like. This works so well for zip bags etc, I stocked up.

And then the fabric that I couldn't resist. Having already worked with Conservatory Fabrics I know how gorgeous it is, so I got some more of the Vestige collection by Bookhou.

clockwise from top left: Charcoal Shapes panel, Rose Shapes Panel and Natural Tilli Rain, Vestige by Bookhou

I also love love love Carolyn Friedlander and these natural colours are so brilliant for something softer or to mix in with other brighter prints, also grids are a must for me!

left to right: Brown Wings Grid and Stone Freeform Grid, Gleaned by Carolyn Friendlander

Again for my lunch bag (which may comprise some of the fabrics above, though I haven't decided for certain yet) is this zipper and pulls pack. I really like the dark tone metallic of the zip teeth and it would work well with that Bookhou print.

Lastly, because I also find text prints charming and useful, is this First of Infinity print by Lecien. I have used this print before, in another colour way, for my drawstring tote bag and I love it - I think I scooped up the last piece!

Making room for more fabric means that some must get used! I dove into my scraps to make this wide open zippered pouch - a great free tutorial by Noodlehead. 

It was fun using some of my favourite prints, including the text print from Carrie Bloomston's Story collection. I made it for a work colleague and happily she liked it!

I will certainly try making more, I really like how easy the zip part is. I have to say I don't love boxed corner like this though, the sloping sides bug me for some reason. Next time I will play around with the dimensions and maybe box a little less.

My other downfall was the fact the zip probably wasn't long enough, I like the versions I've seen with more of a trailing zip. The square covering the end isn't my neatest work and I realise now I should have reduced the speed on my machine and taken it more carefully. Lesson learned!

Have you made a wide open pouch? If so I'd love to hear about any modifications you made or any tips for getting that zip end piece looking neat?!