Monday, 3 April 2017


I decided today that I am joining in with Elle Luna and Lindsay Jean Thompson for #the100dayproject. If you haven't heard of it you can find more info here but basically you chose do to something for 100 days and document it on instagram with a unique hashtag.

It felt quite difficult to chose an action, at first I thought there wasn't really anything and then I realised I really could do anything because obviously it doesn't have to be something I am good at! I had lots of thoughts, possibly drawings, designs, colours, fabric scraps? Then I thought about what I want to do, what I would do if I had made time. Of course it would be sewing. That doesn't seem enough because I usually do that every day anyway. So what don't I do? Sew for myself... finish projects... play/improv. But then I don't think I would be motivated to do those things for 100 days.

What else could I do if not sewing? Reading, dancing, walking. Yet what do I want to achieve?

I need some self care. I need time to reflect. I need to focus. I would like to do something for 100 days that will help me do those things.

Then I realised. Sewing is my time for relaxing but I rarely do it without doing something else at the same time. I am writing a pattern or making a project and taking notes as I go, or watching tv, or listening to a podcast, or talking, or I'm on a train. And that's all great. It's not always feeding my creativity though, it's not breathing space or mindfulness. 

My action is 100 days of silent sewing - be it 10 mins or an hour of silent stitching, a chance to work on some unfinished projects or just to stitch whatever I feel like. Maybe I will just do a running stitch through a scrap of fabric because that's all I can muster. I'm not sure how it will go! I would prefer it to be hand sewing but I am not going to set rules for myself. And it's ok if I'm out and about (not alone in a quiet room) because that might be the best chance I get. I am going to turn off and sew silently.

You can follow along #100daysofsilentsewing and see where it takes me.

Has anyone done this challenge (or similar) before? Can you share any tips with me, particularly about how to keep going?


  1. I started making yoyo's at the beginning of the year, one a day. I stuck it out for 35 or 36 days! I will pick up that project up again when I feel like it. I used quite a few of the yoyo's to decorate a birthday banner I made with the kids, that felt great. I didn't want to stick to the daily commitment if it was stressful so I've gently allowed myself to drop it and pick it up again later in the year. I'll make something Christmassy with the yoyo's eventually. While sewing helps me feel calm I also do not berated myself for slacking off!!

  2. This sounds exciting! I think you picked good way to join.

  3. This sounds like a great idea!! Looking forward to seeing it all :)

  4. What a great intention to set! Good luck and enjoy it. I always sew in silence, so reading your post I was trying to think of what I might set for a 100 days challenge. At the moment my days are very satisfying and full so I'm not going to add anything else at this point, but I'll enjoy checking out the # and see what others are up to.