I have started 2018 with a kick ass mentality. Each year I chose a word, one that will guide me, give me focus and inspire the way I live. 

Previous words have been 'better', 'more', 'enthusiasm' and last year my word was 'shift'. Generally it's been a wonderful way to help me be clear about my goals and keep on track throughout the year. 2017 got a little crazy, although I really did shift in the sense that I was working extremely hard. Personally I grew a lot; my faith deepened, it is something that continues to grow and is an important part of my life and development. Physically I didn't reach my goals, although I have done sporadic exercise it hasn't yet become habit. By the end of the year though, I somehow felt very clear and much stronger. 'Shift' has managed to help me realise what is truly important and through that I have gained a lot of courage.

This is the year I am going to trust myself. I feel confident, both about my abilities and the fact I have a lot to learn. Throughout my life I have always been eager to learn new things, try things in different ways and find out what works best for me. And I enjoy sharing the things I've discovered.

"No other person ever has, or ever will have, the unique blend of talents, 
strengths, and perspective that you have." - Marie Forleo

If you haven't seen her already, check out Marie Forleo. She's totally inspired me and has some great thought provoking videos and interviews.

Obviously I am a work in progress and still I am getting clearer about my voice (despite literally losing it last year!!). Also I'm clearer about what I need to do for myself to feel happy, well and to stay determined. To remind me I have chosen the word 'centre' for 2018.

I realise as I am typing this that I have now gone far, far away from the usual topic of quilting! This blog is a record of my creativity though and right now, since it has become more than a hobby, my work and personal creativity are intertwined. For me to do my best, to have that spark, I have to look after myself. I suspect we all do. 

On New Year's Eve I created this vision board. Each element has more specific personal goals attached to them and this is a great visual reminder. I aim to remain centred, to not lose my self, to take care of myself by doing the things that give me comfort. I feel capable only when I'm paying attention to what is going on at my centre. And that is what fuels my creativity.

And if I chose to go a little left of centre that's ok too. Making it my own.

Happy New Year, I wish you a wonderful 2018! I'm interested, have you chosen a word for the year?

p.s. mega bonus points if you recognise the film quote in this blog post title!