Tuesday, 3 January 2017


New year is always filled with hope and promise, it's a time to reflect and set your goals and intentions for the coming year. I like to start by choosing one little word for the year - you can read more about this here

My word for 2016 was enthusiasm and I do think I have approached things enthusiastically this past year; I have said 'yes' when I might have been scared, danced around, been excited about my sewing projects and been creative every day. Previously I have chosen more and better as my word for the year.

This year I would like to make changes - not all huge but the kind of changes I can incorporate into daily life. To focus on my goals and to do the things I need to do in order to be happy, healthy and filled up with creativity.

There were a few words I could have chosen but when I thought of this one it felt so perfect!

I interpret this in a few ways but mostly it's about changes. Shifting how I think - to keep my focus, so I can stay on track with my goals (I tend to wander a lot!) and see the opportunities to grow. 

There are times I have to say no to projects and admit that I can't do everything (even when I want to). Being realistic with my time and priorities is important. Having said that I need to be sure that I am not doubting myself or turning things down because I feel like I'm not good enough/deserving/important. I want to chose to do what excites me and be bold. At these times I need to look inward, to really trust myself and have confidence. When I am mindful, living in the moment and concentrating on now (rather than worrying about the future), good things happen. Everything is clearer and less stressful. 

'Shift' will remind me to get rid of all the external noise and anchor me. I want to be clear about what I want to achieve and the steps I need to take for that to happen.

I also want to use the word to encourage me to actually move. On New Year's Eve I made a vision board and one of the quotes I stuck on it was 'strong is the new pretty'. This year I plan on getting strong by exercising, I know how much better I feel when my body is healthy. I have to shift my arse literally.

Change has always scared me but 'shift' seems more manageable and optimistic in my mind. I have been telling myself to "get a shift on" so I can finish projects and stop procraftinating ;)

Shift is a constructive push, like 'just do it'. The shift key arrow points upwards and that's how it makes me feel, I can go onwards and upwards.

I'm feeling really positive about the year ahead and 'shift' is going to help me be clear, focused and moving!

Have you chosen a word for 2017?


  1. An interesting concept Lucy! I like the idea of shifting from words to silence!

  2. Mine is Happy. I need to actually concentrate on being happier and more positive. x

  3. The perfect word for this year! I cannot remember my word from last year, is that bad? I bet it was #whatstheworstthatcouldhappen

  4. Sounds like a good choice! Good luck with shifting :)

  5. Great word - and I agree, sounds better, more positive than "change". And for me, less permanent too. Sometimes, you only need to shift temporarily, in order to re-think something, to go faster or to slow down. Change feels like something you do long-term. Or is that just me? :-)

  6. Great word . And don't forget you don't want to get caught in your shift - caught in the hop , literally in your petticoat . Once again my word is sustainable and once again I am full of good intentions

  7. When I hear "shift" I think of changing gears. You can shift up into a higher gear and get a move on and get on with it, but you can also shift down a gear when the road is windy or bumpy and you need to recognise that speed is not the essential element. I think it's a good progress from "enthusiasm" which has an element of say yes to everything about it, to planned yes's and no's, and challenging yourself and stepping out of the comfort zone, while also allowing for the possibility of the unexpected and unwelcome - you can shift at anytime - even when that is away from something.
    Sorry. That ramble went on way longer than intended... :-/ Enjoy 2017, Lucy. I hope it is everything you wish it to be :-)
    E xx