I made something just for me! And I love it. A few years ago I made an embroidered patchwork notebook cover and now I'm wondering why it took me so long to make another version. They really are fun to make and a fabric cover feels so lovely, it's also a good way to protect your book. After browsing the internet I decided to use this tutorial by Charlotte Scott, I was inspired by her embellishments and the measurements she gives worked perfectly! It's also an interesting construction. I didn't use any interfacing though because my main fabrics were Essex Yarn Dyed Linen and this cool Taupe Punched Faux Leather. I did think about keeping it really simple with just those two fabrics but it felt a bit boring. I have a stash of selvedges that I've collected over the years and it's nice to rummage through them and find text or graphics that work with the project. Can you guess what the book is?

This is my first purchased copy of the Bible, I have an old family copy but I have never actually read it. After deciding that I want to read the Bible, I asked friends for advice and did some research about what translation to get (I didn't even know there were so many). Then bought the She Reads Truth Bible because of it's simple approach and clear layout, which also allows me to make notes/journal/write questions in the margins. My copy is the Poppy Linen Hardcover (which at the time was the cheapest colour way) so it might seem funny to cover it but since I plan on reading a little everyday I knew it would get stained and messy and that would bother me. I really don't mind my handmade cover getting messy! 

The selvedges are just layered on top of each other and held down using a decorative stitch on my machine. The thread is 50wt Aurifil in one of my favourite colours #2375. I intentionally left some bits of raw edge on the selvedges because that kind of imperfection adds charm. I knew I would like the cover to have my monogram on it and having had success using rubber stamps on fabric that's what I did - you can find my tutorial for stamping here

This fabric, though it looks like cardboard, is Kraft-tex - described as a paper fabric/leather; you can write on it, fold it, and wash it. I love it! I created a wallet using it for my husband and he loves it, click here for that tutorial. I used 28wt Aurifil to stitch the panel to the cover and it worked beautifully. 

I left the panel quite large as I got some decorative rubber stamps in the clearance sale at Craftelier but they haven't arrived yet, I will just add to it when they do - they have alphabet stamps too if you live in Europe and are looking for some!

For the lining I chose Liberty Lilly Lace in orange, it blends beautifully with the hard cover and although it's mostly hidden I can feel it at the edges and catch glimpses of it as I'm reading.

I was a little worried because it is a thick book but no adjustments were necessary, I highly recommend the book cover tutorial and will be using it again. I'm really pleased with how the cover came out and also that I used some of my selvedge stash!

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