I finished up another Secret Pocket Envelope Clutch, the last one for a while as this is the fourth I've made recently. This one was Size 3, possibly my favourite as it would fit nicely in a large handbag and is useful for carrying make up or bits and bobs.

I made it using a mini origami pack of Retro 30's Child Smile by Lecien from Sunny Day Supply and I have 3 little squares left over! Don't you love that adorable heart Kam snap?!
This is finish #5 from my FAL list ✓ 

I had thought about gifting it but my youngest saw it first! She's delighted with it and keeps asking me for money to put in it - I suspect that will carry on for quite some time ;)

She's been carrying it everywhere! Totally adorable. As is the picture she drew of me today:

That made me smile big time.