I have been meaning to blog all week but somehow haven't quite managed it. I have some personal stuff going on in my head and want to share but need to find the words... don't worry it's nothing terrible and hopefully I can express it properly soon. Anxiety is running rife so I will be leaning on all of you if you'll let me.

For now I'm just going to show you the goodies that have joined my stash recently.

I picked some pretty fabrics from Sunny Day Supply - I really couldn't resist these cats and matches, which are so fabulous! The daisy print feels beautifully soft and the middle print is going to prove so useful, sort of retro but also modern.

I love the extras I got with my order, along with a sweet hand written note. Such great customer service and just so thoughtful! 

I needed to stock up on zips again and my favourite place to buy them is Rickety Rose Crafts. Rose has a fabulous range of zips and crafting supplies to make your projects pretty! Look at these great colours:

I needed some cotton webbing and this Illuminated Graph in Metallic Fog, Loominous by Anna Maria Horner fabric (which is impossible to get a good picture of but is so pretty in real life) just jumped into my basket at The Village Haberdashery:

I got my first box of the BOM from Sew & Quilt. I haven't ever subscribed to a block of the month that included fabric but Jessie has such great taste, I love the fabrics in her shop! I have seen other people making the Lucy Boston 'Patchwork of the Crosses' quilts and I am so drawn to this pattern. Also Lucy, so I had to ;)
It is taking all my willpower not to start this straight away but my pile of WIPs is crazy and this will be my reward for getting some of them finished!

More fabric too pretty to pass up from Fabricworm, unfortunately I got stung with a customs charge for these.

 top row, left to right: Pepper Dots in Sorbet, Light and Shade by Lisa Tilse; Confetti in Earth, Light and Shade by Lisa Tilse and Little Honey in Gold, Folk Song by Anna Maria Horner.
middle: Stitchy Dots in Coral, Bright Heart by Amy Butler
bottom: Arrowheads in Dusk, Wildland by Miriam Bos

And because I have no willpower when it comes to fabric I got these from Patchfinders. It's hard to leave empty handed when you work in a quilt shop! The two on the left were bought by customers and I just love them (and the middle one is only £6 a metre!), the sewing themed one arrived while I was at work and called out to be fussy cut!

 left to right: Kasuri by Hoffman; Innocent Charm in White, Coquette by AGF Studio and Sewing Studio 2 by Cynthia Frenette.

Lovely Lisa offered to send me some Thimble Pads because I had never tried them. I didn't actually realise they were leather and somehow thought they were rubber or plastic and would feel horrible, like wearing a plaster. How wrong I was! I've always struggled with thimbles, the last one I bought was leather and I do prefer that to others I've tried but after having it for a while it's started to stretch a bit and since I only really use one spot it has begun to wear away. I don't even always wear it so I also have a nice dent at the top of my middle finger! ouch! 

I've been trying a Thimble Pad for the past couple of days and I'm totally hooked. It's saving my finger! They are so easy to use and totally reusable. I was put off by how many you get in a pack, thinking they would only last a little while but Lisa assures me they last a really long time and I can believe her. I can't recommend these enough, whether you like thimbles or not they are worth a go! People have been telling me how much they love them on instagram and I wish I had tried them sooner.
If you want to try them Thimble Pads are currently on sale at Green Fairy Quilts :)

Finally one of my dearest friends (of nearly 20 years) knitted me this gorgeous hat. I'm completely smitten. The colours, the style, it's so perfectly me and it's keeping me nice and cosy on these blustery days!

Wishing you all a wonderful week! And well done for making it through all that ;)

Molli Sparkles