This is going to be a random ramble about various goings on...

First up I finished this hand appliquéd Igloo block from my green tea and sweets beans quilt the other week but forgot to share it. I've been working on this block for what feels like ages so it feels good to have it done, I've started working on the next one and hoping it won't take quite so long.

Although right now there is no sewing going on because I had a neurofibroma (nerve tumour) removed from my thumb. The operation took about half an hour and quite honestly it was slightly scary, I've never been in an operating room before. The first thing I said when I walked in was 'oh there's a lot of people in here'! They were all super nice and comforting, thank goodness for the NHS and their amazing staff. It was all nicely bandaged up like Mr Bump until I took it off last night, I won't share pictures because some people might be squeamish but it's all bruised and swollen with seven stitches. It hurts like a mother****** and I don't say that lightly.

I've been wanted to blog but we had a busy weekend and then since the operation on Tuesday I have felt exhausted. I don't think I had really anticipated needing time to heal. The surgeon told me I would need to rest and I laughed (because I have three kids so 'rest' is rare) but I had to admit defeat last night, even doing a bit of light housework in the day was too much. Thank goodness the weather has been nice and Lois and I have been able to just play and hang out outside:

I thought I would mention a quick update about my decision to give up processed sugar in April, I did it for the whole month and a little longer but slowly it has crept back in. There was definitely benefits, I lost a bit of weight, I slept better and my energy levels were more even. I have stopped putting sugar in my coffee but I have allowed myself to slip back into my Coca Cola addiction, so that has to stop! It's hard because every time it's sunny I want a Coke - total advertising win there! Sugar really is addictive and I am so much more aware of how many things contain processed sugar.
Recently I have been thinking a lot about my diet in general because I do need to lose weight and I want be healthy... and get back into some much loved jeans. I have been overweight before and lost it through healthy eating and exercise but since having kids I haven't made much of a prolonged effort. I think summer is always an easier time to kick start healthy eating because fruit and vegetables are so appealing and I always want to eat lighter anyway. 
I have been looking for good recipes for my family, I prefer that we all eat together and I can make one meal to serve us all. I don't eat red meat so I will occasionally cook something with meat just for them or do pasta, for example, and just add meat to everyone elses meal. It's important for me that we all eat healthily and I want to incorporate more vegetables into our diet so I have been looking at a lot of vegetarian/vegan recipes. I also bought this book because I'm interested in learning more about plant based diets:

I have never labelled the way I eat and don't intend too but I would like to think more about where my food comes from. I currently eat chicken and fish, though I wouldn't find it hard not to. I get really bloated when I have milk or ice cream so I stay away from them but I do love eggs and I eat a lot of cheese. I've read a bit about the blood type diet too though I haven't read the book, I'm Type A which apparently benefits from a vegetarian diet. Would anyone recommend it? I don't want to 'diet' but make gradual and healthy changes and become more conscious about my eating. Counting and weighing food doesn't interest me at all, I would just like to feel healthy and enjoy my food. Once I have a bit more energy I will get back to exercising too, weirdly I've been dreaming about doing weights!! 

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