The theme at le challenge this month was bright and I decided to use some bright embroidery thread to stitch up this (currently) free pattern from Sublime Stitching.

I did a simple backstitch, satin stitch for the arrowheads and outlined them - a quick but pretty finish. I chose to stitch on Sketch Grey Screen Texture, Timeless Treasures.

I used a bright rainbow of colours but decided not to go in strict colour order because I wanted the green and blues to make up the larger arrows.

To finish the hoop I picked out some selvedges and very simply wrapped them around the outer hoop. I didn't glue or anything, just tucked the ends under and overlapped the next one until I reached the end. I like that I can change it easily if I get bored and want to reuse the hoop.

This is a good way to show off the cute designs you get on selvedges and I will definitely do this again. That's the first little finish off my FAL list.

Now I just have to find a place to hang this baby.

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