So that was March. Cushions, bags, a new mascot, costumes, a divided basket and progress on my rose stars (the last row is nearly sewn on now!).

I also managed to make a couple of clutch bags, which were on my FAL list. I had to check what was left on there since it's time to link up and realised I'd not shared them:

I'm pretty happy with how much I've done from my Q1 list but there are definitely roll overs and I'm starting to feel a need to really prioritise what I'm spending my time making. I will certainly be doing some selfish sewing in the coming months.

I also need to really look at my WIPs - partially to come up with my Q2 list but also to kind of refocus and enthuse myself.

It's a lovely sunny day so while the kiddo is napping I'm off to catch some rays (with a cardigan on!).

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