My kids and I have become slightly obsessed with these gorgeous all natural yogurts* - no preservatives, stabiliser or colour. Produced by family run business Longley Farm in nearby Yorkshire I really recommend them - especially the banana, I could eat that ALL day! Once you've had yogurt like this you won't want that yucky chemical tasting c**p other companies try to pass off as yogurt. I have had to ditch other yogurts (like Activia etc), I think they are pure aspartame :( Have you noticed how hard it's become to get actual yogurt? I want to scream where's the REAL full fat stuff that's so much better than the no fat, low fat, 50 ingredients stuff?! Don't even get me started on butter.
Longley Farm haven't sponsored this post but if they'd like to send me a lifetime supply of banana yogurt I wouldn't say no. Absolutely the best yogurt and apparently, according to the man in the local deli, the cottage cheese is amazing too.

* I want to write yoghurt but the pots say yogurt, a quick google check says both are correct but yoghurt seemed right to me until I changed it to yogurt and now I'm all confused.

A birthday bundle of fabric joy was sent to me this week by the ever thoughtful Hydee

Just look at all that divine Denyse Schmidt goodness. I can think of a million things I want to do with this but I know some will find it's way into my GTSB quilt and I have let Joan chose a little bit to make the last butterfly block needed for her quilt. I hope Hydee will like that she contributed to my daughters quilt and I think since I was stroking and squeeling about how gorgeous the fabric was Joan got excited about it too! The best bit though was the beautifully written note she sent me. When you're having a tough time the knowledge that friends are thinking about you makes life that little bit easier to handle and I am ever grateful for her support and friendship.

Tasty yoghurt/yogurt, pretty fabric and great friends have made this a nice week so far!

What's been making you smile?

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