I have been playing around with the layout for my daughters butterfly quilt. I had one idea but it didn't really work. So I tried a more normal layout but hated it so went back to on point and decided it needed to be bigger. I need one more appliqué flower and I made another simple butterfly block, so just two more to make:

And as a bit of practice before I begin the GTSB quilt I decided to hand sew a butterfly block. Some of my clever bees have done this for the Alice Brooks butterfly, which I am going to do as well and may hand sew that one too but this version is from the book New England Quilt Museum Quilts. It is slightly smaller so I need to add a border but I thought it would be fun to include one using the vintage pattern. I definitely need more practice hand sewing!

My EPP is fine though! I've been working on more rose stars and got another two done this week:

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