Today I randomly decided I would make some little hexies from my teeny Liberty scraps. I'm doing 1/2" hexies because 1/4" just seemed a little crazy.

Since I haven't done a random Thursday post for a while humour me by looking at a bunch of random pictures I took over the summer holidays...

This awesome huge chalk wall outside the Whitworth Art Gallery was fun for the kids, while mummy madly went round using a baby wipe to remove all the obscene doodles.

A visit to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, mosaic sculpture by Marialuisa Tadei:

and this striking one by Niki de Saint Phalle:

Some cute pictures of the kids when they cooperate for the (phone) camera:

And general silliness (rampant at our house!):

A random grass verge near our house, apparently someone was planning on watching TV outside

Joan found the plug in the grass, which explained why it wasn't on.

I'm wondering if people around the world take their TVs outside, or just the Brits because it's never normally warm enough to do it and we just like the idea of sitting outside to watch TV because it makes us feel healthier??!

Anyway Lois isn't interested in TV, too busy investigating everything. I don't normally put things on her head (except hats) but this cute headband was a gift and prettied up her outfit nicely, it only stayed on for about the time it took to take these pictures anyway. Oh and I have no idea what that second picture is about but it's funny and you can see her two front teeth!

Don't you just love baby dungarees?! Adorable and yet why would any baby need pockets?! Is it a ploy to charge more for the unnecessary fabric? Also why the loop, will she be slinging her hammer in it? No. Still adorable though. I can't resist baby dungarees (they were her brothers, then her sisters and honestly still look like new, love good denim!).

Heart-melting time... she's starting saying 'mama'. Maybe more like 'mamamamamama' but it is the most adorable thing and she says it mostly in the night and when she wants milk. It is tear jerkingly wonderful.

Oh and FYI for mums of teething babies (who have started eating finger food) corn on the cob is awesome!! It is brilliant to keep them busy while you eat your own dinner ;) 
I recommend eating the corn first (well I did) and give them the husk with the remains - worked like a charm for mine!

I will be back with a quilt finish tomorrow.

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