I really wanted to be good this week and give a proper WIP list so I could hold myself accountable and stop flitting about.  Honestly though I can't be bothered. I'm way too tired. 

The little one is up nearly every two hours in the night and I'm a lazy mum and have been feeding her every time because it settles her so quickly. Now I'm physically drained from waking and nursing and I've had enough!! I'm trying to get her to eat/drink more today but I'm starting to think it might be habit - hopefully soon we will put her in her own room and see if she can start sleeping better, goodness knows we both need it!

So instead of being organised and telling you everything I'm working on, here's a lovely bundle of fabric that I cut into last night to start something new ;)

and this morning we made more cardboard crap. Yeah! Thanks Yeo Valley for printing fun little things inside your yoghurt packaging and saving a very tired mum from having to think of creative stuff to do!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced