Friday, 12 May 2017

polaroid pouch ~ animal wisdom

You may have seen these polaroid blocks if you're following me on instagram, well I made a couple more and turned them into a zip pouch! What follows is a mini tutorial of how to stamp text on fabric and also a little explanation of those words.

The fabric used for fussy cutting is Menagerie, Indian Summer by Sarah Watson. One of my favourite prints. I picked out a few animals to fussy cut and the sketched design of the print works really well for the polaroids. I used Paint Dot, Paper Bandana by Alexia Abegg for the background. Such pretty dots and the colours are just perfect.

I have 'written' on polaroid blocks before (I don't like that empty space) - embroidered text - but I just didn't have time for that. I needed something quick and so turned to stamping. The same method I used to stamp my initials on the bottom of my Everything In It's Place Bag.

It requires a rubber stamp alphabet, the kind you can get from stationery or craft shops. Each letter is an individual stamp - clear stamps with an acrylic block are definitely the easiest to use because you can really see where you are placing the letters. 

To use them you simple peel the letters you need from the plastic backing and 'stick' them to the acrylic block to spell the word you want to stamp. I used a Memento Dew Drop Ink Pad, a really nice sized ink pad for the small letters.

Then to make the letters waterproof and also more even I went over them with a fine Pigma Micron pen. The 02 was the perfect line width for my letters. Finally it's important to heat set the ink with a dry iron.

*I managed to spill water on 'strength' (hence the smudging) while ironing the piecing before using the micron pen so do that sooner rather than later!

So why did I stamp those words?
I like surrounding myself with things that make me smile, positive images and words. I have a book Animal Wisdom by Jessica Dawn Palmer, which is all about the myths, folk stories and traditions that surround the animals. I looked up the bear, owl, fox and racoon, then chose the words that most appealed to me. The ones I feel are important, mean something and I want to always be part of me. It will just give me a reminder and boost when I see those words.

I would like to be a more adaptable person, I struggle with change a lot and it has led to anxiety.
Physical strength is important to me but also inner strength and mama bear strength.

Honesty and instinct come fairly naturally but I sometimes silence my instincts and that leads me to not be honest with myself. Doing my #100daysofsilentsewing project is really helping me to focus more on my instinct and the silence is so calming.

I chose a lining fabric I love, a Suzuko Koseki print:

And I picked a two tone zip, it's hard to capture the colour of the zip but the coral / yellow is so fun! It ties in well with the whole vibe I was going for.

I quilted round the polaroid blocks with navy 28wt Aurifil, simple straight lines that work as a frame.

Now I have to go and find something else to stamp!

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  1. Cute pouch! And great tips for stamping. I guess you could do the same thing using other kinds of stamps too. Hmmm...I'll have to give that a try some day. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love these blocks, and the way you personalised them just for you. x

  3. This is really beautiful and I love your polaroid blocks and the letters! What a special fabric! x Teje

  4. Gorgeous pouch! I like that this is going to be a super meaningful item for you.

  5. Ooooh! I always loved that print too! What a super way to highlight those critters, plus give yourself a mental lift at the same time! Great job!!!

  6. I know nothing about stamping but you have me intrigued. I have pinned your post and will be checking out stamps on my next round of errands. An excellent pouch and that zipper really tops it all off! Nice work!

  7. great idea Lucy, love the inspirational words - love the zip also. where did you get it from?

    1. Thanks Anne! The zip is from Simply Because Crafts on eBay :)

  8. Love your addition of text to the Polaroid blocks!

  9. Thanks for sharing your stamping technique. I really thought you'd somehow found the magic to stamping neatly. I'm giving Pigma Pens a try.

  10. Hi Lucy,
    As part of my May column about sewing trends for Sew, Mama, Sew!, I'd love to share one of your projects. I will share one photo and link to both your project and your main blog address. (you can see past trends posts here:

    As per my agreement with SMS i do need your express permission to use one of your photos, so if you'd like to be included, please respond ASAP.

    thank you!

  11. Great use of your Polaroid blocks , I have some spare ones , that's a thought. Great tip about the micron pen , I have stamped text on fabric but didn't know this sealed it as well as making the text more outlined . Thank you

  12. These are really exquisite! Perfect fabric for bags, perfect animal for the words. And I've never heard of a tone two zip before. I'll have to look them up online.

  13. This if fabulous stuff Lucy! I love what you've done and thanks for the great tip about getting acrylic stamps. That Koseki fabric is fabulous... want!