Sunday, 8 September 2013

owl still love you

I'm linking up to Craft Buds for the Craft Book Month 2013.

Craft Book Month at Craft Buds

When I saw this link party I immediately knew which project to enter, this is the Hootenanny pattern from the brilliant book 'Dare To Be Square' by Boo Davis.

This is one of my very favourite quilts I've worked on, it was also a great collaboration. The top was pieced by me, sent to my amazing cousin Jackie in California, who made the back and long arm quilted it. She sent it back to me and I bound it. 

This is the 'Owl Love You' quilt we made for my sister and her husband as a wedding present:

I made the owl and Jackie made these beautiful wedding rings. I love the mix of the modern and the traditional.

Jackie did such a beautiful job of quilting, picking out all the features of the owl and using it as her theme for various patterns.

The icing on the quilt, the newly weds names and date of their wedding:

If you want to see more of Jackie's long arm skills, or would like to contact her about her long arm service or custom quilting please see her Facebook page - Bar XX Quilting

You can read more and see the big OOPS I made in the original post.

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  1. I have made this quilt as well. Super cute.

  2. That quilt is stunning and has been sitting in my want to do for so long!!

  3. What a great long distance collaboration and gift!

  4. I really should buy this book, having made the owl by sight!!

  5. Just amazing, the owl works so well being square! They are a very lucky couple to get 2 great quilts.

  6. Lovely seeing this super quilt again.

  7. That is such a fun owl and an awesome quilt!! I love that it was an international joint effort.

  8. omigosh! It's so darling, and I adore the rings on the back. How fun to have a quilting cousin, she did a lovely job. The owl is so cute! Great colors too.

  9. I remember this one! Love it. :)

  10. Lucy, I love this book and I'm so glad you shared your project! That owl quilt pattern is adorable, and so many others in the book are must makes (when I ever find the time)!