Monday, 8 October 2012

Skull Tooth Cushion

Over the weekend I finished this tooth fairy cushion that a friend had commissioned for her son. He's a little bit older and the monster one I made for his younger brother didn't quite have the cool factor he would want so I designed something a bit different.

The inspiration for the cushion came from Boo Davis' 'Basket Case' quilt in the book Dare To Be Square. I modified the skull design so it could be appliqued and made the jaw into a little pocket.

I used some gorgeous Oakshott cotton for the background and a lovely grey slightly thicker weight fabric for the back.

It was fun to design something with a little edge!

A couple of weeks ago I got to test a paper pieced pattern for Kristy of Quiet Play. If you don't already know it's Donktober this month and Erin of Missy Mac Creations has us celebrating all things Ridonkulous!!

This was quick and relatively easy to piece - I did get my colours mixed up once or twice but I'm still a beginner. Kristy suggested colouring in the paper to be sure what goes where and I will definitely do that next time I'm paper piecing.

You can get Kristy's free pattern and a brilliant tutorial HERE. I can't decide whether to make my donkey into a cushion or a pouch, what do you think?

I will be hosting Donktober this Wednesday Friday (doh!!) so check back then for an easy upcycling tutorial, a couple of embroidery patterns and a giveaway!


Recently I got some wonderful post. This morning I got these fab packs of Aurifil from the lovely Alyssa at Pile O'Fabric:

I'm going to have to make something colourful to use all those lovely threads. Thank you Alyssa!

Next up was a bit of a shock to me... the incredible Amanda from A Crafty Fox had a giveaway that I didn't win!! But then she decided to randomly see who would have been chosen second... and that was me. Now I will always wonder who would be second.
She sent me this gorgeous bundle of DS because I commented that's what I love. I can't believe quite how much she sent and it's all divine! Thank you so much for your generosity as well as your curiosity Amanda :)

If you are in need of some fabric goodness hop over and take a look at her shop Westwood Acres, they have all kinds of lovelies.

As if that wasn't tempting enough Randi is having a sale on Bella over at Fresh Squeezed Fabrics!

Fresh Squeezed Fabrics

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My poor little cat seems to be a bit under the weather so I'm taking her to the vets this afternoon - please think positive thoughts for Amber x **update - she's on antibiotics so hopefully that'll help clear up whatever is bothering her**


  1. Aw hun, hope Amber is okay.

    Wow I love that tooth pillow - such a cool idea. Would you mind if I make something similar for my daughter? - she would love it too.

  2. Hee hee, love the skull with the tooth missing too! Cute wee donk needs to be a pouch I think

  3. Very cool tooth cushion and donkey!

  4. I love your pillow and the donkey. And lucky girl!! Enjoy your goodies!

  5. Awesome tooth pillow and your paper piecing donkey looks great - making a pouch with it would be super cute!!!
    Enjoy your goodies, lucky gal!

  6. Wow, so much awesomeness here! The pillow is way cool. And that donkey is adorable! Congrats on the giveaways, how exciting!

  7. That tooth pillow is awesome!

  8. Dude way to be No. 2! How awesome? I love the skull tooth pillow...very cool. I suppose tooth fairy pillows are in my future...agh!!!

  9. That skull pillow rocks! I know a nearly 8 year old who would definitely think it has major cool appeal :o)

  10. great skull pillow! hope your kitty is better soon :)

  11. Lucky you! I love that word ridonkulous. My son says that!

  12. Hope Amber is okay! The tooth fairy cushion is inspired, and how nice the win and the second place. Love that DS goodness.

  13. Love, love, love the donkey! Adorable! Gorgeous DS bundle. I'm off to have a peek myself :)

  14. Fun tooth fairy pillow! And super cute donkey. Make it into a pouch so you can bring it along places and amuse people with it!

  15. oh no! hope the kitty gets better!
    super cute pillow, that's such a cool idea. and that donkey? i have no words. so awesome.