I love my city. Manchester, England. I've visited lots of fabulous countries round the world and beautiful places here in the UK. Manchester is my home and even if I ever move it will always remain home in my heart.
Manchester has so many areas of interest, fabulous architecture and a wonderful history of industry, including the cotton and textile trade; hence it being called 'Cottonopolis'. It has also more recently been dubbed 'Madchester' (reference to the music scene) and 'Gunchester' (we'll totally ignore that one!!).

I decided to make an English Paper Pieced block inspired by my city but I failed to really get any pictures of the most amazing sights, so please Google it and trust me! I did manage to get some cool shots though, mostly taken on a journey down Oxford Road (the main road from the South into the city centre). So here's an idea of where I live:

we have lots of trains and tracks

red brick

The Academy venue and the Contact Theatre in the background

bars, there's loads of them (loads of students too)

A wall in my neighbourhood

None of this really summed up my Manchester enough for me... so I scoured the internet and though I was tempted by lots of images of the beautiful mills and warehouses there's one building that means a lot to this Manc, Affleck's Palace. I spent WAY too much time in there as a teenager, it is an amazing building and such a fun place to explore. I also love the rain soaked street in this photo!

I used the palette builder at Play Crafts, source of photo.

I ended up with this bundle of fabric:

I chose to make a rose star block, since I'm working on a quilt using those blocks already and it would be fun to include one that reminded me of Manchester. I love how it looks:

It is a little different from the others and a bit more toned down but it still works and since this is my 21st block I thought I'd show how they all look together! I'm working on some low volume blocks to connect them together and I still want to make a lot more to get it to the size I want (to cover our bed... yeah I still have a LOT more to do!). My centre hexies are 1 1/2" each side.

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