Wednesday, 14 December 2011

What I can, can't, will and have done!

If I'm not too late I'll be linking this post to Rainbow Hare Quilts, thank goodness for Janine keeping me on track!! I did manage two makes that weren't on my list!!


Here's what I've been up to the past couple of days...

I am grateful to Jessica at Life Under Quilts for providing me with great inspiration and making do with what you've got. I have been struggling to find somewhere to put my binding...

I totally stole her genius idea, when I finished my binding this was in easy reach!!

I have been eating this...

provided by a nice neighbour!

I have also been doing some making :)

In between making quilts I randomly decided to make something as a gift for my sister. I needed a break from quilting so I did some quilting on something smaller?! No I can't make sense of it either, I guess I just like making different projects sometimes!

She mentioned she might be getting a sewing machine, so because I can't afford to buy her one :( I'm doing the next best thing and making her stuff to go with it!!

I used a great tutorial by Amy at Lots of Pink Here for this cute travel sewing kit. I'm proud of how it turned out.


I used up some left over bits of fabric (mostly from my Dead Simple quilt) and a nice scrap of Lizzy House that was given to me.
My sis is a Manchester City supporter so I hope she appreciates the blue! I went for something a bit different on the outside but I think she'll like it.

I also made her a scrappy pincushion. I used this super easy tutorial at Ellison Lane Quilts by the lovely Jennifer.

I have to be honest and say I don't own any lapel stick so I just pinned it and I don't have any lizard litter either so I used stuffing! It was still super duper easy to make though :) I love how it looks, all big and squishy! It is a great way to use those tiny bits of cool fabrics you don't want to bin!

There were some firsts - the first pincushion I've ever made! Also making the travel sewing kit was the first time I've hand sewn a binding on - I totally wasn't going to (I'm VERY lazy like that) but it was obvious that it would look a million times better. I'm really glad I did. I have to say though I'm really impressed with those of you who sew all your bindings on by hand! I just don't have the patience so I'm not even going to attempt a whole quilt, I might one day :)

I'm starting to think about all the other sewing things I want to try:

I've yet to make a cushion, so that's definitely on the list (Nicky is so helping me!!)
I've never made a wonky star (think I'm the only one who hasn't!!)
I HAVE to learn to paper piece properly, really it's not funny how bad I am!
I really want to make a cute pouch and I know exactly where I'm heading to do that - making rebecca lynne!
I also MUST improve my barely existent embroidery skills
...and the list goes on.

Oh well! Less of what I'd like to do and more of what I can and have!!
Make sure you check back here on Friday because for now all I'm doing is celebrating like this...


  1. Your sewing kit is awesome Lucy!!!! Nice job! Your pin cushion is so cute too. I'm sure your sister will love them. :)

  2. Lucy your gifts are wonderful. I know your sister will love them. I love the little fussy cut bunny on the pincushion. Your sewing kit looks beautiful too. :) Thanks so much for sending me the link! Thanks for putting it in the flickr pool too.

  3. I love your little makes Lucy. They are so colourful - your sister will love them.

  4. Cute stuff!! Love that pin cushion. And I had to giggle that you had your binding wrapped around a piece of train track. haha

  5. The little sewing kit is a really cute present for your sister. I am sure she will love it!
    I am so impressed you hand sewed the binding, I avoid hand sewing where I can too!

  6. You have a lot of fun stuff going on. I love all of your projects....and your binding tool...I use spools for smaller projects.

  7. Looking great! Think I'll have to try one of these sewing kits!

    Don't know what I've done to help Lucy re cushions but glad if I have! Anyway looks like you have made one - your sweet pincushion - just make it bigger now!

    Keep it up - I'm seriously flagging!

  8. Love the sewing kit and pincushion and I'm with Nicky - make a cushion like you made the pincushion but with bigger scraps! Good thinking for the binding, a bit of Brio!

  9. Love love love the sewing kit...what a lucky sister!!! I can't wait to see your pouch! Hahaa now I have to watch that video...

  10. I'm wanting to make a sewing kit, but am dubious about the scissors. I use mostly applique scissors with REALLY sharp points - think they'd go straight through.

  11. I love that cute pin cushion! How cute! Oh and I'm definitely with you about the sewing of the binding. :-)

  12. both so so cute! those sewing kit roll ups are so expensive to buy for what they are and no way near as nice as yours. love x

  13. The travel sewing pouch is genius. Fantastic idea. Gorgeous colours too. Your sister will luuuurrrrvvvveeee it. :)

  14. Love your sewing kit! I could do with a kit like that when I travel for work! And your pincushion is a great idea and SO cute!

  15. Very cute pincushion. I've been meaning to try one of those. I'm your newest follower!