Thursday, 8 December 2011

Only one thing on my mind...

...obviously I'm talking about Christmas ;)

If you've already seen my decorations you know how seriously we take things around here! In that spirit we've been making cards and homemade decorations.

Now I have to be honest, I was NOT planning on making any cards (you'll see why in a sec.) but when I sat down this morning with the little girl and she was having a ball cutting, gluing and throwing glitter everywhere, I thought I might give it a shot.

We ended up getting the scraps out too. I have no Christmas fabric at all, it's not really unfortunate because I'm not sure even actual christmas fabric would have helped me...

gratuitous shot of our 'Charlie Brown' tree
See?? At least they're glittery!! I used what was once pretty Valori Wells and some strawberry print fabric, sheesh at least it's red:

Don't you think my neighbours are going to love me when I give them one, especially if I also include one of these delights:

My wonderful children made salt dough decorations and we had SO much fun doing it!

I got the instructions from the wonderful Hoosier Toni and I actually think my house will smell like cinnamon until Christmas! We painted them (may have been a mistake, they went slightly smushy) and then topped it off with an abundance of glitter and PVA glue.

I have spent a very satisfying amount of time peeling the PVA from my fingers. It is SO VERY satisfying, especially when you get a really big bit!! Or is that just me??!

p.s. I HAVE to share this with you, whether or not you have kids immediately go to this:
I made a video from Santa for my son, it's amazing! You can personalise it and even put them on the naughty list!! It's OK they do it really nicely, as in 'you still have time to be good'!! It also encourages them to do a particular thing, for us it was for him to 'try and get to the toilet in time'!! Brilliant is an understatement!! You can also make cheeky adult versions!

p.p.s. If you're still here and you're a blogger please also check out this excellent post at Ellison Lane Quilts, you might save me precious moments!


  1. Love the cards and the decorations, I'd pay to see the look on their faces when 1) they unwrap them in front of you and 2) when they close the door behind you *wink* You're not alone on the PVA thing but it's not as satisfying when you have to peel it of 30 glue spreaders!!

  2. I used to love spreading glue on my hands and peeling it off! My brother and I used to see who could get the biggest piece. Yes, we were odd. Looks like you had a fun morning! Glitter helps everything, doesn't it?

  3. My brother used to make Airfix airoplanes (still does I think, aged 55) and I used to love getting the glue on my fingers just so I could pull it off!

    The cards are charming, If our neighbours are worth anything at all they will love the home made feel of them!

  4. Great decorations! I used to love making salt dough decorations as a kid!

  5. Wonderful additions to your "Decorations" ;')

    Your neighbors will be happy to share in your Holiday!

  6. Love your cards Lucy,they are super creative!

  7. I love when kids get involved in making cards, decorations and gifts. They might not be perfect but they mean soooo much more. Think you guys should seriously consider investing in a glitter factory though. ;)

  8. I will have to go and check out that site. Oh, and I also appreciate when blogs have done away with the "word verification" step. It really helps. I LOVE your cards. So fresh and colorful, and the salt dough.. well that's just pure fun right there! Peeling glue is one of life's great pleasures. ;) Not so much super glue though.

  9. Not just you on the glue thing! I want to go paint my hand with the stuff just to get some peel action ; )

  10. Fabulous cards and decorations! Sounds like you all had a wonderful time :)

  11. OH! I wish we lived closer so that all the toddlers could get together and throw glitter while we have tea. Doesn't that just sound sweet? Ah well, I'll just imagine it and smile. :) Miss E is helping with the cookie making this year...I have to take photos so we can compare...her use of sprinkles is much like the glitter explosion I am seeing here!