Sunday, 11 December 2011

My favourite son

It's ok for my to say that, I only have one!

The past few days have really been about my son, with a bit of her too :)

On Friday he was in his first school play - cue me with tears in my eyes!

Saturday we had a lovely big Christmas meal with my wonderful family in Chester - there were a few tears there too, remembering the ones who are no longer with us :(

Today we went to see Father Christmas for the first time at the fabulous Quarry Bank Mill in Styal, a great National Trust place to visit - yes I got teary, the kids were just so cute!
Then to top it off we've just been gluing and sticking and my son wanted to write MY name on his picture because it is for me!!

(We are not American, that is an upside down 'u'!!) I know I'm a big sap but if your first born wrote that you might well up too!! He's only 3, I'm very proud!

So to celebrate my love for him, I'm working hard on this:

Just started on the quilting and some of this to add on:

Also want to give a shout out to say thank you for all the really kind comments and emails I've had recently - you all know who you are and you're all true friends, thank you so much! Gonna stop there before I cry again, really I am a sap.


  1. Your son's writing/picture is so adorable. He'll be so happy to get his special quilt, which is looking great btw :)

  2. I read a really great quote about crying...and that we don't cry because we are weak; but because we've been strong for so long. It makes me smile to think that and as women it's too true! Enjoy your holiday time!

  3. It makes us so proud when they start writing for us.
    What a little star.

    And my son has handwriting not much better, and he is a normal intelligent 24 year old!
    (It was better, but then got radically worse as he got older)

  4. Lucy. Seems like these, for the most part, have been happy tears and those are okay! The sad tears are okay too. I know I go through those phases too where little crying jags seem to follow me around. It's been a while...maybe mine is just around the corner. :)

    Hope you have a wonderful day (or evening, or whatever it is there!! I'm thinking evening.)


  5. My youngest is 18 and i still cry when my boys do something special. So may i suggest you stock up on tissues as you have a lot of tears still to shed.

  6. So sweet! I love looking back at all those old papers, and pictures my girls drew. They like it too...remembering days when they were little is so special. I can certainly relate to shedding a few tears.

  7. Oh Lucy this is so adorable! I got teary eyed just reading it!!! Sniff sniff... I cannot wait to see that quilt finished and I am sure your son will be head over heels for it. xoxo

  8. Into each life a little "rain" must fall...
    I still have a tote filled with things the kids made for me when they were little.
    Your son is sure to love the special quilt you are making :)

  9. Can't wait to see it done. Your little man is sure to love it! I totally understand the tears in your eyes over things.. you're not a sap, you're just a loving 'mum'. :) I love that he wrote his U upside down. So sweet!

  10. Treasure these moments! They do so love to hear silly stories about themselves as they get older! And it is lovely to remember those innocent days when faced with a stroppy teenager who won't get out of bed...!

  11. Note to self - include tissues with the vegemite parcel to Lucy. :P

    Sounds like you've had an adorable week though. Love the cute factor. And his writing - WOW. Very impressive for a little 3yr old. :)

  12. I love his writing and picture! The quilt is looking great!

  13. Awwe! And he writes so well for a 3 year old too! You should be proud.

  14. You're not the only one, I've been teary all week too. Sometimes there is just not enough room in my heart for all my emotions and so a little bit just leaks out the top... Can't wait to see the robot quillt -enough teasing already! Your 3yr old writes way better than my 3yr old but he does do a great robot impersonation!