Thursday, 1 December 2011

Did you miss me? T.T.T. 1st December, Fresh Sewing Day!


Can you believe it's December?! How exciting! Here's a mosaic of my November makes that I'm linking up to Lynne's Fresh Sewing Day at Lily's Quilts, hop over and join in.

Fresh Sewing Day

I thought I'd done more but since we've been hit by flu I guess I haven't finished as many things as I'd like. I'm definitely going to remedy that this month :)

**Warning** I've got quite a bit to show you so this may be another long one but I'll keep it as short as I can ;) 

Firstly I received some lovely post last week:

These are the goodies I got sent from Korbond as a giveaway on The Sewing Directory. I have to say I'm thrilled with everything I've used so far, those scissors are particularly fantastic! I know it will all be very useful and it arrived so quickly. These products are available at my local Tesco so I'm sure you can get hold of them easily.

Then I got the MOST AMAZING package from the wonderful Madame Samm that I won on her slightly bonkers and extraordinary Wantobe Quilters giveaway. She truly is spectacular and if you haven't checked out her blog (and I can't believe you haven't!), you should! She was more than generous and I'm still grinning as I plot what I will make:

Then there was one more package. I took part in a rainbow colour charm swap with the lovely Robyn at Bolo Heads. She had a hard time of it with wrong addresses, drop outs etc but she did great :) and I'm delighted with my charms! This was my first swap and I will definitely do one again (hopefully with Robyn if she'll let me!!). It's so exciting looking through all those different fabrics and I already have 2 quilts planned with mine :)

There are some that are fugly and some that are pretty and some that I downright love:

I don't know what fabric this is but I think it's bright, retro feel is just perfect! I'm saving these until I've got all my Christmas projects done.

I'm getting there with my Drunkard's Path QAL and am quilting it in concentric circles after being inspired by Heather at Crafting... and her gorgeous cushion! I've been using my bloody quilting guide thingy again but this time I've got it sussed:

No matter what I did it wriggled around so I'm using bobbins (can add or take them away depending on the width of quilting required) and a rawl plug (it's that grey thing sticking out on the left of the foot) and this time it's going nowhere. I think I'm a genius. I might get a copyright.

I'm also making progress on a quilt for my friend's son, using fabric I've shown you before (sorry for the sideways shot):

This came together fast thanks to chain piecing! And is now basted, ready to be quilted. Anyone got any suggestions for a name for this quilt?

Last week was my daughter's birthday, she's officially terrible 2 (I'm shaking my head in despair), my Auntie gave me these fun fabrics to make things with! I'm going for two cushions with the Hungry Caterpillar fabric (eventually!) and a great DIY advent calendar:

I adore this funny fabric holding man more than I can express

Well last night I realised it was the end of November so I stayed up and made this!

It was very easy to make and really fun! It's all filled with treats now, so the son will be happy when he gets back from school! I just hope I've hung it high enough that they can't steal them all!!

I even practiced some fmq and did some swirly loopy quilting :)

This has totally got me feeling all Christmassy!! So much so I'm going to go get the decorations out of the attic and decorate this afternoon :) Thinking of Christmas, head over to makingrebeccalynne for Thursday Think Tank, she has some great ideas to share!

p.s. wish me luck on that stupid attic pull out ladder, I always keep my mobile in my pocket when I go up there in case I fall. What I'll do for decorations?!


  1. Everything looks wonderful! You had a great month!

  2. Wow! How did you did you find time to do all that and be ill? Everything is looks wonderful! And some exciting packages too. Hope you are recovered now :)

  3. Your advent trees look great! Lots of fun.

  4. Great month. Love the advent calendar

  5. Well I missed you!! Good to see a post again. All of your projects look great, and it seems like you've been very lucky in the giveaway department this month too.

    Good luck with the attic! :) I need to send my hubby up into ours this week to pull down the Christmas stuff as well. We don't have a pull down ladder, we actually have to bring the ladder in from outside which is why it's his job and not mine!

  6. Hello! An advent in one night.... ___ girl! You go. I am still putzing along on my crayon roll. Sigh. If you find out what the orange fabric is do tell...I LOVE it!!!

  7. Welcome back Lucy. I'm glad that you are feeling better and how did you get so much done while you are feeling sick and dealing with the terrible two's. Love your winnings.

  8. either you are the luckiest person alive or you must enter a ton of giveaways every day! also love how you just 'knocked up' a quick advent tree too - looks AMAZING.

  9. I'm so glad you're back! Congratulations on your loot and especially that awesome orange fabric! Too bad there is just one square of it. And look at you just whipping up an Advent calendar like that!

  10. Yes, I missed you! Glad you are feeling better. Still drooling over your Dead Simple quilt. So yummy. And how bloody lucky are you with those awesome prizes?! Noice! x

  11. Wow! Loving the advent calendar. Unfortunately I'm not too clever in the naming quilts department, so I'd prolly go with "diagonal stripes HST quilt" haha! Awesome gifts from the postman, glad you're over the sickness and look forward to seeing What you do with those Erik Carl prints. :D

  12. Wow, what a month! I love all the lovely prizes you've received and the triangles quilt is lovely! Sorry, no suggestion for a name - mine get 'blue and white' or 'circles' most of the time!

  13. Seriously impressive! So many great things!

  14. You are totally a genius! I'm going to try that bobbin/ rawl plug thing before you copyright it!

  15. Busy and lucky! Great combination! Well done on keeping up the FMQ! It is good to do it for real!

    Are you all decorated now?

  16. Hi Lucy , as a beautiful things you do. Congratulations.