Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Fresh Sewing Day (and finally some Christmas goodies!)

I'm linking up to the wonderful Lynne @ Lily's Quilts and the Fresh Sewing Day:

Fresh Sewing Day

I realised while making this collage that I haven't made half as much as I wanted and really, if I plan on making all the things from my winter sewing list I had better get a blinkin' move on!! 

I did make three quilts, one quilt top and some more blocks for other quilts, fmq practice and a gift for my step-dad so it's not all bad. This month I have to get cracking, so much to do for Christmas!

With that in mind I'm also linking up to the lovely Rainbow Hare Quilts for Making Christmas:


I have managed to do some sewing in the past couple of days and even made some pressies! Hurrah!

The one on the left is all mine though!!

I made this one first, from the lovely fabric kindly sent to me by the lovely Sheila at Blue Patch Quilter. It is now storing all my sewing bits and pieces neatly and prettily!

The next two are Christmas gifts for family (who don't know about this blog!). I'm really pleased as this is the first time I've ever made zip pouches and the first time I've ever actually sewn a zip! I used the scrappy make up pouch tutorial by noodlehead (although I didn't go scrappy).  I love the fabrics and used some pretty cool lining fabrics too:

I like them so much I'm already prepped to make two more for my friends! But in the honest way that I do, I'm going to admit that it did not all go well. On my first try I wasn't really concentrating and got confused with the right side, wrong side, up, down scenario...

Not sure if you can see it clearly but the lining fabric on the right is the wrong way, I mean it's the back of the fabric that's showing (see how confused I am?!!) . I really couldn't be bothered to unpick and so I've left it as a nice reminder to myself to pay attention when following instructions :)

Next on the list is the backing for my Dead Simple Quilt top, I've made a bit of a start:

Going to check out some more Fresh Sewing days then get this back done!


  1. Your Christmas present bags are really cute!

    Oh, I think you might want to fix the image location for your second picture (below the fresh sewing day one) -- it's trying to go to localhost. :)

  2. Hi, the bags are very nice, I really like the fabric with cats!


  3. Congrats on sewing your first zippers! You did a great job. I totally see why you're keeping the pouch on the left, too.

  4. Wow - You've made an amazing amount of things! Those purses are really cute:)

  5. that little clock is so adorable! I've got a whole list of sewing gifts to make, too. fingers crossed we both get them done in time!

  6. Hmmm, ONLY 3 quilts, a quilt top and a few other things? I'd say you are blazing along! Your pouches look fabulous, and it is very easy to get all those outer and lining fabrics mixed around when making those pouches!

  7. Yay for you! This is a lot of finishes for one month. :)

  8. Noice work Lu! I have some pouches on my Christmas to-do list too so might have to check out noodlehead. Thanks for the heads up. x

  9. Love your mosaic and the pouches are wonderful!

  10. Guess what I just did - made a pouch! Whoop whoop. Few little areas to iron out and perfect but nothing drastic. Great tutorial! Thanks again. :)

  11. love it all but esp your dead simple quilt top! so striking and effective, gorgeous! x