I want to start by thanking everyone that commented on my miserable post on Friday! Sincerely, thank you. I've been eating chocolate ever since ;)

I've been making some progress and then a magical angel (my cousin in California) sent me this:

I don't think anything could spur me on more! I'm totally in love with it! It's pretty big but I really want to make it into a big giant cushion!! Is this a crazy idea? Would it work? Should I use light interfacing or attach it onto some medium weight fabric to make it stronger? Anyone who has made cushions, help me please!! Am I better making it a wall hanging? Having said all that I may well keep it to use on a quilt just for me!! :)

I'm linking up to Making Christmas at Rainbow Hare Quilts a little late this week but I've been making progress with my presents :)


Also linking up to WIP Wednesday because I have a few things on the go and still need some nudging!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


- An oven glove! It's not perfect but it's fun :) I'll show you tomorrow!


- Dead Simple Quilt, just needs binding so in the final stretch!
- Drunkard's Path Quilt - 2/9 blocks complete
- Do Not Compute - 11/30 blocks complete... really?!!! I've counted about 3 times, I thought I'd done far more than this. Do I get an award for taking ages to put together a quilt?! I'm totally blaming that folder that I thought was a good idea, ok it helps keep the pieces organised but out of sight, out of mind. May need to buy a see-through folder!!

No Progress:

- Secret quilt
- Quilts for nieces, although the fabric arrived!
- Baby quilt for boy (forgot this one until I looked at my list for Making Christmas, so thanks Janine!!)


Completed: 1
New: 0 (well 1 if you count the one I forgot!!)
Currently in Progress: 4